UPDATE November 20, 1999

dAvE bOnD: I ‘m gonna put up at least one sponsor by the end of today. Please click on them when they’re up. We want to get a URL for this web site. That’ll be really kool if you do, and it’ll be easier to get to this site. Just click as many times as you want (over one, don’t be a smartass and say, “i wanna click it 0 times”), it’ll be a big help. The sponsors are located on the bottom of the page. It would be confusing if we put it on top, cuz Angelfire already put them on automatticaly. But, if you want, click on the top one too. It’ll help out Angelfire and we’ll get more options and stuff. I put a link on each page to direct you back to the home page, so that if your browser does somethin weird, you can just click on the link to get back here. ::sarcastic tone:: Neat, huh?

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