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Joke #17556

A brilliant magician was performing on an ocean liner.  But every time he did a trick, a talking cat in the audience would scream, “It’s a trick.  It’s not magic.  You’re a big phony!”

Then one night during a storm, the ship sank while the magician was performing.  And who should end up in the same lifeboat together, all alone, but the talking cat and the magician!  For three days, they glared at each other, neither one saying a word to the other.

Finally the cat sighed and said, “All right, smart-aleck.  You and your darn tricks.  What did you do with the ship?”

Tongue Twisters

– Each Easter Eddie eats eighty Easter eggs.

– Seventy sailors sailed seven swift ships.

– Joe jumps joyfully in June and July.

– Davy Dear ducks Dinah Dear daily.

– Fast Freddie Frog fries fat flying fish.

– Hairy Harry Hartley hurries home.

– Slippery southern snakes slide swiftly down ski slopes.

– Billy Bunny burst his big beautiful blue balloon.

– Fran fans Fred frantically.

– Fast Frank fries frankfurters and french fries.

– How many bagels could a Beagle bake if a Beagle could bake bagels?

– Seven silly skunks sighed sadly.

– Little Linda Lamb licks her lovely lips.

– “Shoot, Sally,” Slim Sam shouted shyly.

– Wee Willy whistles to wise Wilber Whale.