UPDATE March 8, 2000

Stimpyismyname: i made a poem, so read it. it’s about this kid called “old man tinkle balls”. he’s an actual person.we’ve made up a lot of weird nicknames. so uh… i’m still workin on the skit. i made a weird story that pretty much has no point unless u wanna say barf in differnt ways… just read it.

Nose: I made a list of “I was walking down the street phrases.” Its in Other Junk


UPDATE February 29, 2000

stimpyismyname:  DBC is now SBC.  Squackle Broadcasting Company.  there is some new stuff in the SBC thingys.  and a new word in the dictionary.  I’m making a skit thingy that would be for SNL.  Its going to go on the newly named Squackle Broadcasting Company


UPDATE February 22, 2000

dAvE bOnD: there are 2 new questions on the question section of Other Junk. Me an Nose are going through a lot of jokes and see if they should be put on or not…and we also have an award from Phil’s Page For the Mentally Insane. Its a temporary one though. Its a five star one…the best that he has…but…i dont know really…so…uhh just check it out at the awards page…also some changes to the dictionary and a bunch of other stuff…