Quote #23013: Rate Your Adolescence

How would you rate or evaluate your period of adolescence?  What has it been like, typical, atypical, etc.

“My period of adolescence has been atypical.  I do not do anything fun or out of the ordinary.  The most exciting thing I would do would be going to a movie and coming back home at a late hour.  My adolescence has been nothing but going to school and going back home, for the rest of the day, and have it all repeat the next day.”

– davepoobond


Quote #22977: This Service

“Well, I tried it fo free and decided it had value to me in my work.

I convinced my boss that the company should provide this to me to share large files with my customers.

He finally agreed and now after one use I it doesn’t work!!!!!!!

Thanks YouSendIt I can now eat crow and ask my boss to cancel the subscription!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

– From the YouSendIt forums