UPDATE, week of 9-23-01

stimpyismyname: mi perra pica mi testiculos a pagar

blowthetoad: my name is fransua, i like to be classy, if you want to adopt me name, you can, becasue i am fransua, and i like to say jackdidilysquat!

stuff updated/put up:

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The Screwed Up Peopledavepoobond: Things I Would Take From This Era To 1580, davepoobond: If I Ruled The World

The Screwed Up WorldThe Carnival Person That Guesses Your Weight For A Buck – The Scam Revealed, The Future of Napster, Giant Apes Take Over Mars, Born In a Flower, Wires

StoriesThe Name Of My Poop Is George. He Is a Male, The Sewer Farm

SongsBuy, Buy, Buy, Wild Wild Pest, Opera Song, Yankee Doodle Went to Hell, Lyrics for a Beautiful Song (make up your own tune)

SBCCommercial: Floppy Watches

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