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Squacklecast Episode 24 – “Starvenger Warman v R2-D2”

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Hey all!  Welcome to Squackle.com: The Record of Human History.

Today on the Squacklecast we talk about:

Stripper stories and strip clubs.

Some random “funny-concept” games like Goat Simulator and I Am Bread.

We talk about the following trailers:


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice:


Star Wars:

We talk about a long list of dealbreakers someone posted on their dating profile.

Some stuff about spiders and bugs, too.

See ya guys next time!

Joke #5216: Pin-Up Number

Three guys go to a strip club. Trying to impress his friends, the first guy pulls out a ten dollar bill and beckons one of the strippers over. “Watch this,” the first guy says and sticks the ten between the stripper’s breasts.

“That’s nothing,” the second guy says. Then he whips out a fifty and sticks it between her legs. “Let’s see you top that.”

The third guy shrugs. “Alright,” he says. He takes out his ATM card.

“What are you going to do with that?” the first guy asks. The third guy swipes the card between the dancer’s butt cheeks, takes the sixty dollars and goes home.