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Kurt Cobain’s Magic Talking 8-Ball

Q: Kurt Will I ever Over-dose in the future?

A: No you’ll end up just like me


Q: Kurt Will I ever get a girlfriend?

A: The future is fuzzy from the hangover


Q: Kurt Will you ever come back?

A: No I like it in Hell


Q: Kurt Is your wife HOT?

A: Now how am I SUPPOSE TO KNOW?


Q: Kurt did you kill your self?

A: The chances are High, just like me


Q: Kurt did you smoke weed a lot?



Q: Kurt are you gay or what?

A: Hey it’s HARD to find a women in hell…


Q: Kurt, Yes or No?

A: Or


Q: Kurt do you have cocaine I can have?

A: Ask Tommorow (and bring cash)


Q: Kurt can I marry your wife?

A: Hey kid: Nice Ass ::wink wink::


Q: Kurt is it true your in an 8 ball?

A: Hey i chose to come in here, I just like being in balls…


Q: Kurt, will I ever find a GOOD girlfriend?

A: You just found a new boyfriend


Q: Kurt, do I look sexy or what?

A: I like every bone in your body, especially mine ((eww sick))

Q: Kurt do you miss your Nirvana band?

A: Yeah I haven’t done Stereroids in a while, wait what was the question?