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PSA: Zero Time Dilemma is Out Today!

Zero Time Dilemma Title Pic

Hey everyone! It’s your friendly neighborhood Squackle writer here to mention that Zero Time Dilemma is out today for the 3DS and the Vita! For those in the know, I’m sure you have been eagerly awaiting the exciting conclusion of the series, and for the uninitiated, a primer is incoming.

Zero Time Dilemma is the third adventure game in the Zero Escape series. Starting with Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (mo’ problems), and succeeded by Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, the titles take place in a world of pseudoscience where several people are forced into demented escape the room games involving supernatural powers. One part character drama, another part science fiction tale and two parts Saw (the movie); the Zero Escape games centers on themes of trust, betrayal and the limits of the human conscience when put under severe duress. That’s not taken lightly either, you often have to make terrible decisions that cause the deaths of several people to get the full story and this newest entry in the franchise seems to continue this trend with a blood-soaked vengeance.

maxresdefaultFun for a whole dysfunctional family!~

Taking place in the near future, Zero Time Dilemma is set in a secret compound in the Nevada desert. The nine main characters of our story are originally sent there to simulate a manned-mission to Mars, but things go awry once they find out that the whole compound is booby trapped. Even worse, a mysterious figure known as Zero appears and announces the start of the dangerous Decision game. Claiming that the survival of our nine main characters, himself, and the several billion people on Earth hangs in the balance, he forces them through a game where the only way to escape is by gathering six passwords to open a door. The catch is that the only way to gather the passwords is for six of them to die; each password equaling one death. Pretty hardcore, right? I didn’t even mention the part where each participant wears a bracelet that carries a mind-altering toxin that causes them to forget what happened in the previous 90 minutes or that it’s conveniently set to inject them every 90 minutes. Beyond that, there is also an insane cult with a disease that threatens to kills billions. Though, don’t expect the twist and turns to simply stop there. This series has a tendency to lift the rug right out from under the player.

For fear of spoiling anything for those interested, I’ll stop here. Just know that there are three games in the series and each one is well worth your time. So whether you begin here, start at the beginning or jump in somewhere in the middle, you are bound to have a good time with the enthralling narrative these three games have spun. Overall though, I’m sure I’m not the only one happy about getting a conclusion to this wonderful series of games.

When not participating in deadly escape the room games as Unnamedhero, Eduardo Luquin can be reached at Unnamedheromk13@gmail.com.

30 Things to Do With a Paper Bag

Not all of this is too funny, because it was an assignment at school.


1. Put your lunch in it

2. Blow in it then pop it

3. Put it over your head and make eye holes in it

4. Suffocate someone

5. Write on it

6. Rip it and use it as a bookmark

7. Put something heavy in it and chuck it at someone’s head

8. Lick it and put it on your head so it’ll stick

9. Make a bracelet

10. Litter with it

11. Watch it

12. Use it as a parachute

13. Put things in it

14. Put dog poo in it and toss it at a house after putting it on fire

15. Torch it

16. Put it in your fireplace to burn

17. Give it to someone as a present (optional to have something in it)

18. Sit on it

19. Crumple it up and toss it at someone

20. Play catch with it

21. Blow your nose in it

22. Strangle someone

23. Make a face with it

24. Have conversations with it

25. Make it into a hat

26. Paint it

27. Put your pet lizard’s next meal in it

28. Put your neighbors bad kitty in the bag, staple it, then flush it down the toilet

29. Make a paper plane out of it

30. Wipe stuff off your shoes