30 Things to Do With a Paper Bag

Not all of this is too funny, because it was an assignment at school.


1. Put your lunch in it

2. Blow in it then pop it

3. Put it over your head and make eye holes in it

4. Suffocate someone

5. Write on it

6. Rip it and use it as a bookmark

7. Put something heavy in it and chuck it at someone’s head

8. Lick it and put it on your head so it’ll stick

9. Make a bracelet

10. Litter with it

11. Watch it

12. Use it as a parachute

13. Put things in it

14. Put dog poo in it and toss it at a house after putting it on fire

15. Torch it

16. Put it in your fireplace to burn

17. Give it to someone as a present (optional to have something in it)

18. Sit on it

19. Crumple it up and toss it at someone

20. Play catch with it

21. Blow your nose in it

22. Strangle someone

23. Make a face with it

24. Have conversations with it

25. Make it into a hat

26. Paint it

27. Put your pet lizard’s next meal in it

28. Put your neighbors bad kitty in the bag, staple it, then flush it down the toilet

29. Make a paper plane out of it

30. Wipe stuff off your shoes

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