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The Poo Plux Plan SING ‘A LONG

Sung to the Beverly Hillbillies theme song.





Come on ‘n listen to my story ’bout a man named Wilson

A little scary baby, hardley had any friends

And then one day, he was chewin’ on some poo

And up through his butt popped a can of Mountain Dewwwwww.

Poo, that is, brown gold, smelly mud


Well, the first thing you know, old Wilson’s eyes glowed

Lil’ Sherwood said,”Wilson, Like I give a care!”

Said, Poo Plux Plan is the place you oughta be

So they cleaned out their butts and they moved to the Pluuuuux

Poo Plux, that is, gigglesticks’, ::Veronica:: ‘s


Well, now it’s time to say goodbye to Wilson and all his friends

They would like to spank you folks for humpin’ their hens

You’re all invited back again to their cool new Clan

Do I have ta remeind you, it’s tha Poo Plux Plaaaaan!?

Wilson’s Plan, that is, it isn’t ‘Ku-Ku’, it deals with a boo-boo.


Y’all Check it out, hear?

Pick of Bum

Parody of the Gilligan’s Island theme song.


Just pick that bum, and enjoy that pick,

Its quite a pick of bum,

That pick is one thats very nice, so eat a bunch of mung,

A toad once told me that i sucked, i beat him with a branch,

Off the old sic-a-more, that made me laugh and prance,

Made me laugh and prance,


That bum was red and sore my freind, stopping’s well advised,

Just then that toad came to mind, now im lots less kind,

Now im lots less kind,


That bum was beaten many times, o’ many times indeed,

Oh beating it!

With a stick!

Red and green guts!

That toad was dead,

But whoopsy whoops,

Its a bum,

Oh its a bum indeeeeeeeed!

Green Poopies

Parody of the Green Acres theme song.


Green poopies is a dreaded disease,

Pain will come, welp, on very swift wings,

I cant imagine haveing green poop,

Darlin’ I’m sorry but poop is poop,

–green poop

–whoop whoop

–pain there

–where where

Poop is poop, yes this may be,

But you are my bung hole,

You’re comin’ with me!

DuckTales TV Theme Song Lyrics

this is a transcription of the theme song to words, through memory by davepoobond and Blind Bubba…it may not be exact


Life is like a hurricane

here in

Duck Burg

Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes

its a

Duck blur!


Might solve a mystery

or rewrite historyyy!



Dunt dunanananaaaaa!

Everyday they’re out there makin’

Duck Tales!


tales of daring do bad or good


Dunt dunt dunt


D-D-D-Danger! (right behind you!)

there’s a stranger (out to find you!)

what can you do but grab onto some



dunt dunanannaaaaa!

Everyday they’re out there makin’




Tales of daring do bad or good


Not pony tails or cotton tails

but DuckTales!



The Adiboo Commercial Song Lyrics

this is a transcription of the theme song to words, through memory…it may not be exact. If you want to know what the fuck Adiboo was, it was a kids software program. Adiboo was an alien kid or something.




Always got a lotta things to do!


Best of all

its up to you!

with a cool cool pal called



Who does the building? (I do I do)

Who does the driving? (I dooooooo!)

Its me and you

and you and me

and me and you and ADIBOO!


Ooo, ooo! Oooo!

(legal junk said really fast)


Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers TV Theme Song Lyrics

this is a transcription of the theme song to words, through memory…it may not be exact


Sometimes, some crimes

Go slippin’ through the cracks

But these two


Are pickin’ up the slack


There’s no case too big!

no case too small!

When you need help just call


Ch-ch-ch-Chip ‘n Dale!!

Rescue Rangers–

Ch-ch-ch-Chip ‘n Dale–

When there’s danger


Oh no, it never fails

Once they’re involved

somehow, whatever clues there are

its solved!


Ch-ch-ch-Chip ‘n Dale.