Pick of Bum

Parody of the Gilligan’s Island theme song.


Just pick that bum, and enjoy that pick,

Its quite a pick of bum,

That pick is one thats very nice, so eat a bunch of mung,

A toad once told me that i sucked, i beat him with a branch,

Off the old sic-a-more, that made me laugh and prance,

Made me laugh and prance,


That bum was red and sore my freind, stopping’s well advised,

Just then that toad came to mind, now im lots less kind,

Now im lots less kind,


That bum was beaten many times, o’ many times indeed,

Oh beating it!

With a stick!

Red and green guts!

That toad was dead,

But whoopsy whoops,

Its a bum,

Oh its a bum indeeeeeeeed!

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