#5959: ShockTheMonkey -> IgetBORED

ShockTheMonkey: ooooooooooooooodles

IgetBORED: stupid poodle

ShockTheMonkey: man IMs suck so bad

IgetBORED: yup. watcha do today

ShockTheMonkey: me and matt licked a raw sheeps heart in science class, everyone went nuts

IgetBORED: cool, why they go nuts

ShockTheMonkey: townies. they dont understand

IgetBORED: they should open up a little

IgetBORED: lick some raw livestock organs

ShockTheMonkey: it was a dare

ShockTheMonkey: a two way dare, we both did it

IgetBORED: no big deal, i’d do it

ShockTheMonkey: it was juicy and nasty looking

IgetBORED: so

IgetBORED: licking puss is worse

IgetBORED: they take leaks outta that hole

ShockTheMonkey: good point

IgetBORED: eating shit, now thats fucked up

ShockTheMonkey: german shizer movies

ShockTheMonkey: Eissen Mine Shizer

IgetBORED: that reminds me

IgetBORED: i need to take a shit

IgetBORED: cya

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