#5958: Senior Dingdong -> ShockTheMonkey

Senior Dingdong: egg nogg all round folks

ShockTheMonkey: hey dude

Senior Dingdong: i smell burning

ShockTheMonkey: someones baking brownies

Senior Dingdong: im listening to that nirvana tape of urs

ShockTheMonkey: im listening to pantera doing a sabbath song

Senior Dingdong: go back to scotland, scot

ShockTheMonkey: im not scottish, and thats my line you turdslinger

Senior Dingdong: and whatcha gonna do bout it, i used it, its now mine

ShockTheMonkey: *scratches head* err

ShockTheMonkey: watoow! *kicks knee*

Senior Dingdong: u got me, bleach is the best

ShockTheMonkey: u god darn right it is, nevermind is also tres good

ShockTheMonkey: incesticide = turd

Senior Dingdong: people = shit, what a load of wooden arm

ShockTheMonkey: poodles = left wing fat cats

Senior Dingdong: i gotta take my sis and her buttugly friend to the movies

ShockTheMonkey: haw haw *points*

Senior Dingdong: good thing its sunny out there, dont wanna catch a warm

ShockTheMonkey: toodles

Senior Dingdong: cya

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