#5957: ShockTheMonkey -> Charmslider

ShockTheMonkey: hey i know you

ShockTheMonkey: you owe me money

Charmslider: who are u

ShockTheMonkey: your grandpa

Charmslider: ur not my grandpa u dick

ShockTheMonkey: can ur grandfather do this? *balanced jug on head and dances*

Charmslider: i guess not

ShockTheMonkey: precisely

Charmslider: r u fit

ShockTheMonkey: its been a while since i played the ol’ squash, but i jog often

Charmslider: v.funny, are u sexy

ShockTheMonkey: well i was once compared to a frog in a blender

Charmslider: lovely

ShockTheMonkey: but now im totally out of that whole ‘ liquidising amphibians’ phase

Charmslider: ur freak

ShockTheMonkey: and you my dear are a cokatu

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