#5956: ShockTheMonkey -> SugaGal

ShockTheMonkey: hi

SugaGal: howz u

ShockTheMonkey: im fine

ShockTheMonkey: you damn freakin plumber

SugaGal: wot?

ShockTheMonkey: you heard

SugaGal: well actually i saw, not heard

ShockTheMonkey: can it. you talk too much

SugaGal: woteva

ShockTheMonkey: your not just a plumber

SugaGal: no?

ShockTheMonkey: your a butt ugly plumber

SugaGal: go to hell

ShockTheMonkey: sure

SugaGal: u talk so much shit

ShockTheMonkey: so much what???

SugaGal: SHIT

ShockTheMonkey: thats whats on your hands from cleaning my toilet you monkey

SugaGal: shut up

ShockTheMonkey: sure thing.

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