#5960: ShockTheMonkey -> IgetBORED

ShockTheMonkey: hey man my ass hurts from today

ShockTheMonkey: ;o)

IgetBORED: yeh me too, i hurt my knee on that damn rope rock thing

ShockTheMonkey: swingin across a river with deftones playing on ur stereo, whilst shitting our pants with laughter at eachothers attempts to make us fall

ShockTheMonkey: what a day

IgetBORED: not giving a shit kicks ass

ShockTheMonkey: best thing is

ShockTheMonkey: we both have beautiful girlfriends, and were both jackasses

IgetBORED: it rules to be a jackass

ShockTheMonkey: amen to that

ShockTheMonkey: i’d lift my glass, but its heavy and im lazy

IgetBORED: amen to laziness.

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