UPDATE 4-14-04

Pick of April 14, 2004

davepoobond: Ok, 2 things. If anyone is willing to help me out and build a php-mysql system for Squackle for free, contact me.

and the 2nd thing is: I found out I got nominated for Prom Court today. You may think now that I’m one of those guys that are elected to all the things that there is a popularity contest for, but I’m actually the opposite. So this is actually sort of funny. I can probably have a chance at becoming Prom King, too.

I’ll do a sub-update to tell you guys if I actually got into Prom Court, and then later if I was King or not. If you care.

stimpyismyname: I don’t know much about computers other than.. other than the one we got at my house my mom put a couple games on there and I play em.

stuff updated/put up:

Dictionary – 3800 words, 100 new. SUBMIT A WORD

Stupid IMsSerori IM, MalibuMooN IM, Holic1299 and StageDive3k IMs, Stupid IMs Parody IM, MyLeftTesticle IM 2, davepoobond IM 32, Tetsuya IM, Fire IM 3, Lumpy IM 3

The Screwed Up CountryRose gardens

The Screwed Up Games – Blood of War 3: Operation Snow (PC) (Rating: 1/10), Stranded In Space (PC) (Rating: 8/10)

Questionable Content / QC ComicsEvolution of the Stickman, Surprise Balloon, Construction Worker, The Bormanator, Squackle! Comics: Espanol para Beginners

PicturesSaddam Suzy, Lime Cat, The Japanese are Amazing, Money Finger, Money Shot, Beware of Monkies, OMG Cheese, Scared Freak, Pirate Ship

StoriesApplications In Space – a suspenseful story. OooOh.

Other JunkFun Stuff to Do

The Bad Submission ArchiveBad Submission 148, Bad Submission 149, Bad Submission 150

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