UPDATE 5-27-03

Pick of May 27, 2003

davepoobond: i was screwed by the system today.  I am going for a spot in the student government, trying to be one of the guys in the assemblies with the microphone, because i thought it’d be funny.  You have to get your posters approved before you put them up, and i did that, but come today (after taking an hour out of my day on a holiday, yesterday, and spending about 30 bucks total on the whole thing, for copies and tape), the bastard guy that is supposed to approve the shit said he didn’t approve it.  What did the poster say, you ask?  “Vote Dave for Assemblies Commissioner…or he’ll EAT you!! …or he’ll hire a homeless man to eat you, and take pictures of it and send it to your parents.”  And it had a drawing of my face that stimpyismyname did. Funny right? they didn’t think so.  I talked to the bastard and he said that it he said it was “inappropriate” when he was looking at it to approve it, which he didn’t and he’s only telling that lie to keep his job.  The only thing he said was “or he’ll EAT you…nice.” he didn’t read the stuff under it.  They even took down the ones that weren’t offensive!  Just because it had my name on it!  ITS COMPLETE BULL CRAP!!!!!!!!  Now i’m not going to win because my posters are all gone.  They sucked all the fun out of it, now its about principle.  At first he probably thought that i took the stamp from another one and put it on there and copied it over and over, but i said to him i know that is illegal, and he would know that i did that, and i told him i knew i’d get in trouble if i did that.  So i stuck it to him with that.  He said that it was a “miscommunication.”  And I hope that he got in trouble with the principal.  And the thing that kills me, is that it didn’t even stay up for a whole day.  Those faggots.  And the sad thing is, is that they’ll believe him over me.

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