UPDATE 11-13-02

davepoobond: yeah, finally after 3 years, we have www.squackle.com. I hope you use it with pride.

elmoisfurry: ::flicks dave off::

stuff updated/put up:

Register at the Squackle! Bulletin Board – come here and post…now…

Dictionary – 1370 words, 10 new. SUBMIT A WORD

Stupid IMsEmma-Lou IM, FrogInBlender IM, Flamable Lector IM


The Screwed Up Games – The Sims Online (PC) (Rating: 4/10), Star Fox (N64) Gripe, Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete (Rating: 10/10)

Other JunkFind Your Armenian Name, Find Your Retard Name, Find Your Star Wars Name, Find Your Porn-Star Name

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