#10417: blowthetoad -> davepoobond

blowthetoad was on a different sn than what davepoobond knew him on, trying to act like he was somebody else.

blowthetoad: well

blowthetoad: can i join squackle?

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: i dont know who this is, but this is blowthetoad

davepoobond: ur asking the wrong idiot

blowthetoad: eh?

blowthetoad: no, i want to join squackle

blowthetoad: a pooper trooper or whatever

davepoobond: spaces are full

davepoobond: try back next millenia

blowthetoad: =-O

blowthetoad: who is this?

davepoobond: blowthetoad

blowthetoad: then why are you on dave’s name?

davepoobond: cuz i hacked it

blowthetoad: =0o

davepoobond: now go away

blowthetoad: :'(

blowthetoad: where can i contact dave

davepoobond: u cant

davepoobond: i tied him up and gagged him

blowthetoad: =-O

blowthetoad: darnit

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