#10331: blowthetoad -> davepoobond

blowthetoad: hey

blowthetoad: i would like to join

blowthetoad: the poop troops

blowthetoad: well?

davepoobond: this isnt davepoobond. this is blowthetoad. i hacked into his account and am now using it.

blowthetoad: =-o

blowthetoad: you are an elite person

blowthetoad: but…

blowthetoad: i have a confession

blowthetoad: i am blowthetoad

blowthetoad: :-/

blowthetoad: where is dave

blowthetoad: is this elmo or stimpy

davepoobond: this is blowthetoad.

blowthetoad: yeah, ok

blowthetoad: because i’m blowthetoad

blowthetoad: whats your email then

blowthetoad: what state are you in

davepoobond: i’m retarded, i dont know where i live

blowthetoad: haha

blowthetoad: seriously, where is dave

davepoobond: this is Holmes

blowthetoad: yeah sure

blowthetoad: prove it

blowthetoad: where do you work

davepoobond: in ur moms ass

blowthetoad: we work at the same place

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