3 Pennies

stimpyismyname had 3 pennies.

He told me that if I guessed which they’d all land on, I could keep the pennies.

If it didn’t land on what I guessed, I had to give him 3 pennies.

I guessed that they would all be tails, and when he tossed them on the ground, they were all tails, but he said I said all heads.

The bastard ended up taking the pennies.


Coin Collecting Journal 3/7/08

This entry is part 8 of 11 in the series Coin Collecting Journal

Found a few coins recently to add to the collection:

Penny – 1963-D

Nickel – 1961

Nickel – 1963

Nickel – 1967

2 Nickels – 1969-S

Nickel – 2005-P (rare around here for some reason)

Canadian Nickel – 1978


The I Found a Penny Song

(this song is made, so that you sing it after you find a penny. if you dont find a penny, replace “penny” with another name of a coin. You can make your own beat)


I found a penny

I found a penny

Oh look at me

I have a penny

I have a penny

I have a penny

because you don’t

you don’t have a penny

I found

a penny on the floor


underneath your door

I am now one penny richer

but you are the same penny rich

you did not

get any pennies off the floor