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Coin Collecting Journal 5/7/08

This entry is part 11 of 11 in the series Coin Collecting Journal

I found these coins recently:

Penny: 1940

Penny: 1955-D

Penny: 1957-D

Penny: 1958-D

Penny: 1963-D x 2

Penny: 1964-D

Penny: 1966

Nickel: 1954

Nickel: 1956-D

Nickel: 1957-D

Nickel: 1962-D

Nickel: 1965

Dime: 1964-D

Quarter: Bicentennial-D

Quarter: North Dakota-P

Quarter: Oklahoma-D

Quarter: Smooshed New York-D Quarter

Half Dollar: 1967

Half Dollar: 1971-D

Half Dollar: Bicentennial

Half Dollar: 1980-D

Half Dollar: 1991-D

Half Dollar: 2001-D

Canadian Nickel: 1978

Cuban Nickel: 2000

Coin Collecting Journal 4/2/08

This entry is part 10 of 11 in the series Coin Collecting Journal

Coins found recently:

Penny: 1959-D

Penny: 1961-D

Canadian Penny: 1991

Nickel: 1940-D

Nickel: 1958

Nickel: 1969-S

Canadian Dime: 1982

Canadian Dime: 2004

3 Bicentennial Quarters

2 Quarters: Utah 2007-D

Half Dollar: 1999-D

Presidential Dollar: James Monroe – 2008-D