ygma – n. one of those things that takes a long time explaining because someone has little to no knowledge about the nuances between the things that are trying to be explained.

Ex. The ygma of sending an original email as an attachment and thinking that simply forwarding it is the same thing is annoying.

Ex. The ygma of a DVD that can play in a DVD player or a data disc is annoying.



seeree – n. a classification of plot devices used in writing which the fiction (time travel/alternate dimensions) or things that do not actually exist within the fictional universe at hand (dreams/books) are used to lazily write-off any discontinuity or to retcon what you don’t like.

Ex.  I’m not sure X-Men: Days of Future Past would have been as enjoyable if not for the seeree that was used to excise X-Men 3.  None of that shit matters anymore!