#10909: davepoobond -> GanstaWifGun45

davepoobond: NO, YOU SUCK

GanstaWifGun45: who the fuck are you

davepoobond: that took a while for you to type

davepoobond: you said “dis room sucks”

davepoobond: and i would like to rebut that

GanstaWifGun45: so

davepoobond: by saying YOU suck

GanstaWifGun45: ur gay

davepoobond: your mom is gay

GanstaWifGun45: u faggot

GanstaWifGun45: not really

davepoobond: yeah she is

davepoobond: i bet she gets drunk at sushi bars while she wears 3D glasses

GanstaWifGun45: ur a punk ass bitch queer go suck a did bitch

davepoobond: you’re a stupid cunt rag

Previous message was not received by GanStaWiFgUn45 because of error: User GanstaWifGun45 is not available.


#10908: davepoobond -> chelsbaby101

Its possible that this person is the same as “Chels” in some weird freaky stroke of luck kind of way. Its probably not going to be able to be proven, though.

davepoobond: hey baba

chelsbaby101: asl

davepoobond: 190/trisexual/indiana

chelsbaby101: buhbye

davepoobond: huhloo

davepoobond: hi

davepoobond: hello

Previous message was not received by chelsbaby101 because of error (4:20:31 PM): User chelsbaby101 is not available.


#10907: davepoobond -> Lonnie Hudson 2

davepoobond: do you like hot sex? click here

Auto response from Lonnie Hudson 2: Ex-Soccer Mom here – but I am growing out of it! 🙂
Sorry I am away… I have my email address and my video and pic
no tricks, it is me…

davepoobond: wow really

davepoobond: is it full of porn

davepoobond: it was…

davepoobond: that’s scary

It really was.


#10900: Charger979 -> Spike52688

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

Spike52688: whos this?

Charger979: names frank

Spike52688: umm ok?

Charger979: do you like speedy ganzoloaz?

Charger979: or whatever the fuck tht thing’s nam is

Charger979: well?

Charger979: you pussy, won’t say anything

Spike52688: why?



Spike52688: fuck u

Charger979: fucking pussy that got beaten up by a kid half his size

Charger979: fuckin loser

Spike52688: where do u go to school?

Charger979: brentsville district high school

Charger979: why?

Charger979: what about you?

Charger979: horizon!

Charger979: fucking AZ loser

Charger979: Virginia is way better

Charger979: fucking loser

Charger979: getting beat up by a kid half your size

Charger979: that’s unheard of!

Charger979: that’s exactly why its known coast to coast i guesss…

Charger979: but still

Charger979: i can’t believe how much you suck

Charger979: you suck at life

Charger979: you deserve to die

Spike52688: u wanna fight me or somethin

Charger979: yeah

Charger979: i’m more then half your size, so there’s no way i’ll lose

Charger979: too bad i’m across the country you fuck

Spike52688: when r u in az?

Charger979: although it would be fun to kick your ass

Charger979: never

Charger979: idiot

Charger979: never have been

Charger979: news of you though has made it over here

Spike52688: i can kick ur ass

Charger979: so, of course i took the time to find your sn from some people i met who used to live here

Charger979: bull shit!

Spike52688: im stronger now

Charger979: you fucking loser!

Charger979: don’t even talk

Charger979: that’s pussy talk

Spike52688: SCREW YOU TOO

Spike52688: u to pussy to come to az and fight me?

Charger979: it doesn’t matter how strong you are if you kid has to jump to punch you in the head

Charger979: ha!

Charger979: i’m not going to waste my time and money

Charger979: fucking loser

Spike52688: im stronger and faster now

Charger979: i can’t believe your up for another fight

Spike52688: i can kick ur ass

Charger979: oh no, i’m so scared

Spike52688: u better be stupid fuck

Charger979: the kid who got beaten up be a kid half his height has gotten stronger

Charger979: i fight for a living you ass hole

Spike52688: fuck off

Charger979: oh no. . .

Charger979: please

Charger979: actually, wait

Charger979: that’s a good point

Spike52688 signed off at 1:34:25 AM.

Best part about this one is that i gave him the illusion that news of his fight has reached virginia. Which is beyond awesome, and, now it has. MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAA!!! It’s a true story incase you didn’t realize. Kid’s name is Will. Spread the word. Please.


#10899: Charger979 -> MonkeysAreComing

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hello???

MonkeysAreComing: hey?

Charger979: hi

Charger979: what’s up

MonkeysAreComing: who may this be?

Charger979: i like pie, and stuff

Charger979: don’t know who this is

Charger979: some one i guess…

Charger979: kinda a nobody

Charger979: do you like pie?

Charger979: i just happened to have your SN, i don’t know why

Charger979: pretty weird if you ask me

Charger979: but anyways

Charger979: you don’t talk much do you

MonkeysAreComing: do you know a keith?

Charger979: not much of a jedi obviously, bec/ hell, i’ve met a lot of jedi in my day, and they never shut up

Charger979: no

Charger979: don’t know a keith…

MonkeysAreComing: beef?

Charger979: beef is good

Charger979: beef is very good

Charger979: you can eat it…

Charger979: play games with it. they kinda suck at scrabble though

Charger979: you can throw it at people too though

Charger979: that’s always fun

Charger979: anyways

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

MonkeysAreComing: WHO IS THIS?

Charger979: are you gay by any chance? lots of canadians are gay

MonkeysAreComing: grady?

Charger979: no, gay, homosexual

Charger979: are you?

Charger979: i mean, you never know

MonkeysAreComing: no

Charger979: it’s kinda creepy when you figure out you’ve been talking to a homosexual, so…

Charger979: okay

Charger979: that’s good to hear

MonkeysAreComing: who are you?

Charger979: …haven’t come out of the closet yet have you?

Charger979: umm…

Charger979: hmm….

Charger979: some guy…

Charger979: damn it!

Charger979: wtf was my name again? i don’t really remember

Charger979: hold on

Charger979: let me ask my brother

Charger979: he remembers things

Charger979: i tend to forget things

Charger979: now what was i going to do again?

Charger979: did you know

MonkeysAreComing: what is your name?

Charger979: i dream of my own death over, and over, and over and over again every night?

Charger979: my names dan

Charger979: what’s yours?

Charger979: what’s yours?

Charger979: what’s yours?

Charger979: what’s yours?

Charger979: what’s yours?

Charger979: what’s yours?

Charger979: what’s yours?

Charger979: what’s yours?

MonkeysAreComing: keith or beef, whichever you prefer

Charger979: oh

Charger979: i’ll try to remember that

Charger979: i better right it down

Charger979: keith or beef = monkeysarecoming on AOL Instant Messenger

Charger979: maybe i should write it down somewhere else, huh?

Charger979: so you like star wars?

Charger979: i like star wars

MonkeysAreComing: dan?

Charger979: yeah

Charger979: dan

Charger979: that’s my name

Charger979: good call

MonkeysAreComing: last name?

Charger979: i’ll ask my brother

Charger979: hi

Charger979: what’s your name?

Charger979: oh

Charger979: my bad

Charger979: now i remember

Charger979: anyways

Charger979: what was i going to do again?

Charger979: oh, right

Charger979: i actually remembered!

Charger979: that’s like the 1st time ever!!!!

Charger979: yeah!

Charger979: woohoo!

Charger979: wait, why am i happy again???

Charger979: damn…

Charger979: that sucks

Charger979: anyways

Charger979: what’s going on?

MonkeysAreComing: UHH


Charger979: do you like star wars?

MonkeysAreComing: tell me

Charger979: oh, right

Charger979: real name

Charger979: dan harrison

Charger979: why?

Charger979: does it really matter?

Charger979: i woke up one day

Charger979: and BAMN!

Charger979: your name is on my screen name

Charger979: err….

Charger979: buddy list

Charger979: hehe

Charger979: anyways

Charger979: answer the damn question! i answered yours!

Charger979: do you like star wars!!!!!

MonkeysAreComing: do you ever get tired of hearing yourself talk?

Charger979: hmm. . . .slow typer arent we

Charger979: no, not really, bec/ i always remember myself

Charger979: thats always good

Charger979: so no

Charger979: now answer the question punk ass!!!

Charger979: do you like star wars!?

MonkeysAreComing: hey, bud dont talk to me like that

Charger979: . . . .why not?

MonkeysAreComing: im really not in the mood

Charger979: . . . . what mood?

Charger979: why won’t you just answer the question?

Charger979: huh?

Charger979: i’m sorry for being so rude

Charger979: won’t happen again

Charger979: omfg! say something!

MonkeysAreComing: yes, ok

Charger979: was that so hard?

Charger979: nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd

Charger979: that was fun

Charger979: hehe

Charger979: anyways

Charger979: what’s new?

Charger979: live in canada eh? like me?

Charger979: i do

Charger979: it’s cold

Charger979: i don’t like it

MonkeysAreComing: grady?

Charger979: i used to live in the institution, they had heaters there

Charger979: who’s grady?

Charger979: do you like video games? like, metroid? i like metroid\

MonkeysAreComing: actually, metroid sucks

Charger979: i’m serious when i say that i don’t know who grady is

Charger979: fuck you bitch!

Charger979: i can’t believe you’d say such a thing!

Charger979: oh, sorry

Charger979: forgot

Charger979: am i annoying you?

MonkeysAreComing: uh yeah

MonkeysAreComing: but thats obviously your goal, so congrats

Charger979: ty


#10871: singthesorrow04 -> davepoobond

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Hey Muggo!

After #10869, MuGG102’s friend IMs me.

singthesorrow04: hey sexy

davepoobond: hey bitch

davepoobond: sorry

davepoobond: i’m sorry

davepoobond: who’s this

singthesorrow04: its ok

singthesorrow04: mugg band mate

davepoobond: ohhh

davepoobond: never mind i’m not sorry

davepoobond: yer muggo’s friend eh

singthesorrow04: why

singthesorrow04: shes cool

singthesorrow04: yes im her friend

davepoobond: its a she..

davepoobond: hmm

singthesorrow04: your a girl

davepoobond: right…

davepoobond: so muggo was all like “help me man, this jerk is IMing me asking me if i get pounded good”

davepoobond: right

singthesorrow04: ya

singthesorrow04: i guess

singthesorrow04: i dont know wut u r talking about

davepoobond: how’d you know to IM me

singthesorrow04: she told me to

davepoobond: unh hunh..

singthesorrow04: well bye

davepoobond: hi

singthesorrow04: hey

davepoobond: hi

singthesorrow04: i said hey

davepoobond: i said hi back to your hey

singthesorrow04: whats ur asl

davepoobond: 17/m/ca

davepoobond: you

singthesorrow04: you just said u were a girl

davepoobond: no i didn’t

singthesorrow04: 16/f/ca

davepoobond: i’ve got dave in my name

davepoobond: y’think i’m a girl

singthesorrow04: no i knew you were lieing

davepoobond: what part of ca you in

singthesorrow04: la

davepoobond: how bout that me too

singthesorrow04: cool really

davepoobond: yep

davepoobond: so you’re in a band huh

singthesorrow04: ya

davepoobond: do you have a web site

singthesorrow04: no

davepoobond: i can make one for you guys. I own a web site called squackle.com

davepoobond: i was just bullshitting yer friend so i could get some laughs outta it

and the rest is boring


#10870: davepoobond -> MuGG102

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Hey Muggo!

davepoobond: hey muggo

MuGG102: who are u

davepoobond: steven andersen. i live in glendale, alabama, 1022 stocker street

davepoobond: you?

MuGG102: oh i g2g

davepoobond: yeah right

davepoobond: i dont believe you

davepoobond: you’re probably gonna come over to my house right now

davepoobond: and rape my women

davepoobond: and pillage my sheep


davepoobond: fag

MuGG102: asshole

MuGG102: haha

davepoobond: jo mama

MuGG102: i dont even know u

davepoobond: i told you my name

davepoobond: you know who i am

MuGG102: get out of my fucken face

davepoobond: ok

MuGG102: kk]

davepoobond: first let me fart in it

davepoobond: ok?

davepoobond: FARRRRRTTT




davepoobond: RRRRRRRRRR


MuGG102: a fag

davepoobond: that’s what you are…

MuGG102: no

davepoobond: uhh yea

davepoobond: we established that

davepoobond: already

MuGG102: asshole

davepoobond: at 1:41:13

MuGG102: get the fuck out of my face loser

davepoobond: that’s a spicy meat-a-ball!

MuGG102: dipshit

davepoobond: why do you keep highlighting your words

MuGG102: go to hell asshole

davepoobond: did you call me a hole

davepoobond: that is an ass

davepoobond: what does that mean?

MuGG102: oh god

davepoobond: a hole that is an ass

davepoobond: hmm

davepoobond: umm

davepoobond: i dont get it

davepoobond: hey muggo

davepoobond: muggo muggo

MuGG102: its mugg

davepoobond: …

davepoobond: mugglo2

MuGG102: go to hell

davepoobond: muggo for short

MuGG102: its MuGG

davepoobond: …

davepoobond: muggo?

davepoobond: hey muggo

davepoobond: i have a question

MuGG102: what ass hole

davepoobond: do you get pounded good?


#10863: stimpyismyname -> crazybabegirl22

stimpyismyname: hi!

stimpyismyname: my name is christopher

crazybabegirl22: lol ok

crazybabegirl22: hey

stimpyismyname: got a pic?

stimpyismyname: i do!

crazybabegirl22 wants to directly connect.

crazybabegirl22 is now directly connected.



Plastic Pirate Head

stimpyismyname: yo ho ho

crazybabegirl22 direct connection is closed.


#10860: davepoobond -> xoxo KELSEY

davepoobond: hey bitch

xoxo KELSEY: scuse me?

davepoobond: you’re excused

xoxo KELSEY: *shakes fist at you*

davepoobond: AHAHA

davepoobond: I FOOOLEDD YOUUU

davepoobond: how’s it going, its me

davepoobond: andrew

xoxo KELSEY: *is confused*

xoxo KELSEY: who’s andrew?

davepoobond: …

xoxo KELSEY: …?

davepoobond: andy

davepoobond: its me

xoxo KELSEY: righttt… andy…

davepoobond: that’s my name

xoxo KELSEY: mmk.


#10859: davepoobond -> CIVICBOI63 / MexImportBoi -> / zackrat123 ->

davepoobond: do you like honda civics


davepoobond: do you like hyundai civics

CIVICBOI63: there no such thing as hundai civic

davepoobond: SHUT UP

davepoobond: DON’T TRY TO FOOL ME

CIVICBOI63: u shut up

CIVICBOI63: i aint

davepoobond: YES YOU DID

davepoobond: I HAVE ONE

davepoobond: IT HAS AN H

CIVICBOI63: there is no hundai civics

CIVICBOI63: for honda

davepoobond: ….FOR HYUNDAI



CIVICBOI63: i kno civics r from honda

davepoobond: no they’re not

CIVICBOI63: how much u wanna bet

davepoobond: 3 and a half cents

CIVICBOI63: that stupid

CIVICBOI63: is da H has a square around it???

davepoobond: yes

CIVICBOI63: its a honda

CIVICBOI63: i can prove it 2

davepoobond: how

davepoobond: a stupid square?

davepoobond: i can draw a square around an h


davepoobond: and call it a honda

davepoobond: so what

CIVICBOI63: ahh ur stupid

CIVICBOI63: u c my icon????

davepoobond: its probably something gay

CIVICBOI63: nope


Then I guess his friend IMs me..

MexImportBoi: hey do u like honda civics

davepoobond: i like hyundai civics

MexImportBoi: stupid

MexImportBoi: they do not make civics

MexImportBoi: only honda



MexImportBoi: no they don’t

MexImportBoi: ass hole

davepoobond: what the hell?

davepoobond: did you just call me a hole

davepoobond: that is an ass

MexImportBoi: yea

davepoobond: whoa

davepoobond: what a diss

davepoobond: you’re such a fag

I get warned anonymously by 20% I don’t know which one it was…so I warn MexImportBoi.

davepoobond: whats with sending your cronies after me

davepoobond: cant fight your fights on your own


davepoobond: fucking meximportboi

davepoobond: sopping up all my tax money

CIVICBOI63: i dunno dat nigga

davepoobond: with his illegalness

davepoobond: SO!

davepoobond: HE’S BLACK, EH?

CIVICBOI63: ok ur dumb

CIVICBOI63: he’s mexican

davepoobond: how do you know


davepoobond: you just called him black yourself

CIVICBOI63: MEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: SO WHAT



CIVICBOI63: naw really

davepoobond: really what


davepoobond: i’m potty trained

CIVICBOI63: good 4 u

davepoobond: are you


And another guy IMs me…

zackrat123: ur such a dumass u think hundai makes civics

davepoobond: THE FUCK


davepoobond: YOU MUDDA FUCKA


zackrat123: thats pretty gross

davepoobond: yeah it is

davepoobond: but its a living

MexImportBoi: hey talk to zacketrat123

davepoobond: i am, bitch

MexImportBoi: fuck u

davepoobond: jo mama

zackrat123: dude honda makes civics

davepoobond: and your mom makes condoms

zackrat123: ya she does its a living

After a while…

davepoobond: so.

davepoobond: is meximportboi your homey

davepoobond: your rasta man

davepoobond: your bed buddy

zackrat123: no i dont no him he asked me wat civics were made by

davepoobond: everyone knows they’re made by hyundai

zackrat123: ok think wat u like


#10857: davepoobond -> ToFine4U001

davepoobond: if you’re too fine for me, then who’s too fine for you

ToFine4U001: um i dont know

ToFine4U001: who tha fuck is this

ToFine4U001: fuckin answer me bitch

davepoobond: a 20 year old man that fucks 12 year olds 3 times a week

davepoobond: whos this

ToFine4U001: whos this you Imed me

davepoobond: i told you

ToFine4U001: why is it ur fucking business

davepoobond: because i’m making it mine

ToFine4U001: oh ok then

ToFine4U001: my name is chelsea

davepoobond: hi chelsea

davepoobond: how are you

davepoobond: hellzo?

ToFine4U001: im fine

davepoobond: oh yeah?

davepoobond: thats good

davepoobond: fuck you mother fucking bitch whore bitch bitch bitch slut

I warn her to 35% then log off.


#10856: davepoobond -> JoelNBenji247

davepoobond: i’m a guy

JoleNBenji247: kool

JoleNBenji247: gotta pic”????

davepoobond: and i like potatos

JoleNBenji247: thats nice

JoleNBenji247: how old r u ????

davepoobond: yes

davepoobond: i’m yes years old

davepoobond: i’m actually 11

davepoobond: 11 and a half

JoleNBenji247: kool

davepoobond: how about you fucker

JoleNBenji247: where do u live???

JoleNBenji247: im 154

JoleNBenji247: **15

davepoobond: 154? you’re way tooo olddd

davepoobond: mom told me never to talk to anyone over 140

davepoobond: because they were around when the civil war broke out

JoleNBenji247: haha

JoleNBenji247: haha

davepoobond: and they probably have sex with 12 year olds 3 times a week

JoleNBenji247: where do u live???

davepoobond: california

davepoobond: you

JoleNBenji247: kool

davepoobond: yeah it is

davepoobond: what about you

JoleNBenji247: ny

davepoobond: :'(

davepoobond: ssoo o

davepoobond: sooo soo sooo


#10855: davepoobond -> italianbabii20

davepoobond: wow you’re only 96 pounds? i bet you get pounded good

italianbabii20: ok

davepoobond: i fit this description you placed in the chat room

italianbabii20: a*s*l

davepoobond: hey!!….any hot and sweet boys 13-15 Im if you wanna talk to a 13*f*IL dark brown hair,5’1 brown eyes, 96 lbs.

italianbabii20: a*s*l

davepoobond: 14/m/il

italianbabii20: what part of il

davepoobond: the part you live in

italianbabii20: righhht

italianbabii20: im gunna go bye

davepoobond: NOOO

davepoobond: WAITTTT

davepoobond: you didnt answer my question

italianbabii20: what was ur question

davepoobond: do you get pounded good

italianbabii20: fuck you

davepoobond: hey hey hey

davepoobond: whooaaaa there

italianbabii20: go away bye

davepoobond: hi

italianbabii20: LEAVE ME ALONE

davepoobond: no

italianbabii20: fine ill do the smart thing and just block you

italianbabii20: 🙂 bye

davepoobond: fine

davepoobond: bitch

italianbabii20: The last message was not sent because you are over the rate limit. Please wait until sending is re-enabled and send the message again.

davepoobond: bitch

Previous message was not received by italianbabii20 because of error: User italianbabii20 is not available.

I warn her to 20%

italianbabii20: why you warning me?

davepoobond: cause…

italianbabii20: cause i dont want to talk to you

davepoobond: basically

davepoobond: and you won’t answer my question

italianbabii20: its none of ur business

davepoobond: why not

italianbabii20: ur probably not even 14

davepoobond: you’re right

davepoobond: i’m 73 out for a good laugh

italianbabii20: uh huh sure you are

italianbabii20: bye

davepoobond: fine fine

davepoobond: i’m 17

italianbabii20: ok

italianbabii20: still too old

davepoobond: i know this 12 year old that has sex 3 times a week with a 20 year old

davepoobond: now THATS too old

italianbabii20: ok i gotta go bye

davepoobond: ok c ya later

italianbabii20: no you wont

italianbabii20: bye

davepoobond: WHAT

davepoobond: WHY NOT

italianbabii20: cuz i dont wanna talk to you

davepoobond: why not

italianbabii20: UR TOO OLD!!!!!!

italianbabii20: bye

davepoobond: NO I’M NOT

davepoobond: I’M 13 AT HEART

davepoobond: I NEVER GREW UP

Previous message was not received by italianbabii20 because of error: User italianbabii20 is not available.

I warn her to 35%


#10854: DennyNalex -> davepoobond

This guy asked the room if anyone was gay, and we were supposed to put 123 if we were

DennyNalex: are u really

davepoobond: yeah i am really gay

davepoobond: i pressed 123 didnt i

DennyNalex: do u have pics

davepoobond: no what do you think i am, gay?

DennyNalex: really

davepoobond: what are you talking about

DennyNalex: gay

davepoobond: gay what

davepoobond: are you gay or something?

I wait a while, then I warn him to 30%