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#10909: davepoobond -> GanstaWifGun45

davepoobond: NO, YOU SUCK

GanstaWifGun45: who the fuck are you

davepoobond: that took a while for you to type

davepoobond: you said “dis room sucks”

davepoobond: and i would like to rebut that

GanstaWifGun45: so

davepoobond: by saying YOU suck

GanstaWifGun45: ur gay

davepoobond: your mom is gay

GanstaWifGun45: u faggot

GanstaWifGun45: not really

davepoobond: yeah she is

davepoobond: i bet she gets drunk at sushi bars while she wears 3D glasses

GanstaWifGun45: ur a punk ass bitch queer go suck a did bitch

davepoobond: you’re a stupid cunt rag

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