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#10900: Charger979 -> Spike52688

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

Spike52688: whos this?

Charger979: names frank

Spike52688: umm ok?

Charger979: do you like speedy ganzoloaz?

Charger979: or whatever the fuck tht thing’s nam is

Charger979: well?

Charger979: you pussy, won’t say anything

Spike52688: why?



Spike52688: fuck u

Charger979: fucking pussy that got beaten up by a kid half his size

Charger979: fuckin loser

Spike52688: where do u go to school?

Charger979: brentsville district high school

Charger979: why?

Charger979: what about you?

Charger979: horizon!

Charger979: fucking AZ loser

Charger979: Virginia is way better

Charger979: fucking loser

Charger979: getting beat up by a kid half your size

Charger979: that’s unheard of!

Charger979: that’s exactly why its known coast to coast i guesss…

Charger979: but still

Charger979: i can’t believe how much you suck

Charger979: you suck at life

Charger979: you deserve to die

Spike52688: u wanna fight me or somethin

Charger979: yeah

Charger979: i’m more then half your size, so there’s no way i’ll lose

Charger979: too bad i’m across the country you fuck

Spike52688: when r u in az?

Charger979: although it would be fun to kick your ass

Charger979: never

Charger979: idiot

Charger979: never have been

Charger979: news of you though has made it over here

Spike52688: i can kick ur ass

Charger979: so, of course i took the time to find your sn from some people i met who used to live here

Charger979: bull shit!

Spike52688: im stronger now

Charger979: you fucking loser!

Charger979: don’t even talk

Charger979: that’s pussy talk

Spike52688: SCREW YOU TOO

Spike52688: u to pussy to come to az and fight me?

Charger979: it doesn’t matter how strong you are if you kid has to jump to punch you in the head

Charger979: ha!

Charger979: i’m not going to waste my time and money

Charger979: fucking loser

Spike52688: im stronger and faster now

Charger979: i can’t believe your up for another fight

Spike52688: i can kick ur ass

Charger979: oh no, i’m so scared

Spike52688: u better be stupid fuck

Charger979: the kid who got beaten up be a kid half his height has gotten stronger

Charger979: i fight for a living you ass hole

Spike52688: fuck off

Charger979: oh no. . .

Charger979: please

Charger979: actually, wait

Charger979: that’s a good point

Spike52688 signed off at 1:34:25 AM.

Best part about this one is that i gave him the illusion that news of his fight has reached virginia. Which is beyond awesome, and, now it has. MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAA!!! It’s a true story incase you didn’t realize. Kid’s name is Will. Spread the word. Please.