#5911: Wynken -> elmoisfurry

Wynken: no?

elmoisfurry: yea

Wynken: i mean, its not lyke im gonna send u soemthing stupid

elmoisfurry: i was jokin i dont really wanta do anything for money on tha internet they r all scams

Wynken: but u actually do recieve a check

elmoisfurry: oooooooooooo check for 5 dollars…wut a prize…not!

Wynken: come on….im supposed to recuite ppl

elmoisfurry: twenty twenty twenty four hours agoooo, i wanna be sedated

Wynken: fine, fine

Wynken: geez!

elmoisfurry: yea, i believe u, its just i think its stupid to answer asurvey and get a check in the mail for 5 bucks

elmoisfurry: lol

Wynken: the survey takes only 5-10mins

Wynken: well, if u dont want to answer them, at sign up so i can get credit

elmoisfurry: for 5 bucks?!?!?!

Wynken: be kind, hav a heart

elmoisfurry: thats a long time for 5 bucks

elmoisfurry: i do

elmoisfurry: its just not workin right no

Wynken: no it isnt!

elmoisfurry: now*

elmoisfurry: yea huh!

Wynken: aww….

elmoisfurry: yup

elmoisfurry: heh heh

elmoisfurry: soooooooooooo

elmoisfurry: y do u need to recruit peeps?

Wynken: yea

elmoisfurry: no

elmoisfurry: y

elmoisfurry: ?

elmoisfurry: y

elmoisfurry: as in why

elmoisfurry: but not

Wynken: its my job

elmoisfurry: oooooooook

Wynken: oh,…sorrie

elmoisfurry: WUT

elmoisfurry: whoops

elmoisfurry: wut

Wynken: if i dont, i ont egt paid

Wynken: dont get paid

Wynken: huh>

elmoisfurry: y is ur buddy icon a pink…thingy with hair

Wynken: its not hair!

elmoisfurry: THEN WUT IS IT

elmoisfurry: then wut is it

Wynken: its just marks

elmoisfurry: ………….k

elmoisfurry: so how much do u get paid for each recruit

Wynken: tats for me to noe

elmoisfurry: awwwwwww come on

elmoisfurry: from friend to friend

elmoisfurry: u can tell me

elmoisfurry: 😀

Wynken: wellz, u said u werent interested so….

elmoisfurry: i not interested in the survey, bu im interested in how much u get paid

Wynken: fill it out and then ill tell u

elmoisfurry: …………….k

Wynken: email

Wynken: addy

elmoisfurry: elmoisfurry@hotmail.com

elmoisfurry: now i know where i met u!!!!!

elmoisfurry: unichat

elmoisfurry: muahahahahahahahaha

Wynken: okaies….check ur email

elmoisfurry: THEN WUT IS IT

elmoisfurry: then wut is it

Wynken: its just marks

elmoisfurry: ………….k

elmoisfurry: so how much do u get paid for each recruit

Wynken: tats for me to noe

elmoisfurry: awwwwwww come on

elmoisfurry: from friend to friend

elmoisfurry: u can tell me

elmoisfurry: 😀

Wynken: wellz, u said u werent interested so….

elmoisfurry: i not interested in the survey, bu im interested in how much u get paid

Wynken: fill it out and then ill tell u

elmoisfurry: …………….k

Wynken: email

Wynken: addy

elmoisfurry: elmoisfurry@hotmail.com

elmoisfurry: now i know where i met u!!!!!

elmoisfurry: unichat

elmoisfurry: muahahahahahahahaha

Wynken: okaies….check ur email

::email message::

Welcome to Team Look-Look!

elmoisfurry>: k, so how much u make

Wynken: do u fill it out?

elmoisfurry: yeppers

Wynken: log on

elmoisfurry: k

elmoisfurry: ……………….

elmoisfurry: its not workin

Wynken: ar u sure?

elmoisfurry: yea

elmoisfurry: i tried 2 times

Wynken: wat do u mean>

elmoisfurry: i tried loggin on twice

elmoisfurry: it dont not worky purky

Wynken: yea, it does!

elmoisfurry: no!

elmoisfurry: it doesnt

elmoisfurry: its crap

elmoisfurry: thats wut it is

elmoisfurry: c

elmoisfurry: r

elmoisfurry: a

elmoisfurry: p

elmoisfurry: !

elmoisfurry: crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wynken: go check ur email again!

elmoisfurry: k…………..

elmoisfurry: now wut

Wynken: go!!!

Wynken: ok…..

elmoisfurry: k!

Wynken: see a confrimation emial?

elmoisfurry: yea!

Wynken: click on it

Wynken: it will take u to teh site

elmoisfurry: k

elmoisfurry: ……………

Wynken: got it>

elmoisfurry: BOOYEA……….oh wait no

Wynken: wat???

elmoisfurry: it dont wooooooooorrrrrkkkkkk!!!!!!

Wynken: go to teh buttons on top,

Wynken: email ur manager

elmoisfurry: piece o’crapp

Wynken: shut up!

elmoisfurry: lol

elmoisfurry: y

elmoisfurry: im just tellin tha trut

elmoisfurry: brb

elmoisfurry: gotta get aslice o’ pizza

Wynken: kay

elmoisfurry: bak

elmoisfurry: soooooooooo

Wynken: kay

Wynken: so…..

elmoisfurry: wut am i supposed to do

elmoisfurry: ?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Wynken: clicked on teh button yet?

elmoisfurry: yes

elmoisfurry: i didnt work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

elmoisfurry: it*

Wynken: wat ar u talking bout>>>>

Wynken: read to me teh buttons

elmoisfurry: login!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wynken: wats wrong wit ur comp??//

elmoisfurry: everythin, cept anythin

Wynken: u cant even log in?

elmoisfurry: nope

elmoisfurry: its being stupid

elmoisfurry: stupid like a monkey butted octopus

Wynken: u then didnt fill it out!!

elmoisfurry: yes!!! i did!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wynken: then wats ur problem???/

elmoisfurry: well, im allegic to marsupials, im made of spam and cornbeef, and im a woman-except im a man

Wynken: hahaha….so funny tat im beyond laughing

elmoisfurry: thats mean………..

Wynken: sorrie….

elmoisfurry: u better b…….:'(

Wynken: alrite

elmoisfurry: =-Oyay!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-!

Wynken: wat???

elmoisfurry: huh?!?!?!?!?!

Wynken: u said yay

elmoisfurry: my friend says to poop on ur face!! whee!

Wynken: geez!!!

elmoisfurry: lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wynken: fine, forget it

Wynken: nevermind

elmoisfurry: ok!

elmoisfurry: so

elmoisfurry: hows ur puppy

Wynken: fine, just fine but he hates though

Wynken: you though

elmoisfurry: que???????????/

elmoisfurry: but……….

elmoisfurry: i………….

Wynken: didnt do anything?

elmoisfurry: made him myself, how could he hate me

Wynken: things turn against u, u noe

elmoisfurry: no

elmoisfurry: nothing turns against the great power of…….DUNDUNDUUUUUUUUN!!! ME!

Wynken: lol!!!

Wynken: u??

elmoisfurry: NO

Wynken: lol!!!!

elmoisfurry: U

elmoisfurry: muahahahahaha

elmoisfurry: i am the almighty ME!

elmoisfurry: nothing can disobey ME!

elmoisfurry: i am……………MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Wynken: yea, yea

elmoisfurry: YEA! YEA!!

elmoisfurry: sooooooooooooo

elmoisfurry: hey!

elmoisfurry: i gotta question for u!!!!!!!!!!

Wynken: wat?

elmoisfurry: how many pies would it take to fill a horse(if you had just the skin, no bones or anything)???????????????

elmoisfurry: answer that…muahahahahahaha

Wynken: as much as u want

elmoisfurry: wrong!!!!hahahahahahaha

elmoisfurry: stuuuuuuuupid!

Wynken: uh huh

elmoisfurry: its actually

elmoisfurry: a lot

elmoisfurry: i dont really know the answer…….yet!!

elmoisfurry: wut is the survey question anyway??

elmoisfurry: how much poop would a poopchuck chuck if a poopchuck could chuck poop?????

elmoisfurry: hey!!!!!!!!!!!!

elmoisfurry: i gotta go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

elmoisfurry: yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

elmoisfurry: buy!boof face


#5909: elmoisfurry -> zav

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Fookin With zav

Note: Happened at the same time as #5908

elmoisfurry: a donkey. moooooooo moooooooo. im a donkey can u tell? poopies smell nice when there eaten by squishy jellyfish. did u know that? cause i did

zav: who is this

elmoisfurry: duh

elmoisfurry: isnt it obvious im a donkey

zav: who is this

elmoisfurry: i thought i told u already

elmoisfurry: the real question is who am i????????????

elmoisfurry: yea

elmoisfurry: i thought so

elmoisfurry: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

elmoisfurry: hello???????????????????????????????????????//

elmoisfurry: r u der

elmoisfurry: ????????????????????

elmoisfurry: !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!

elmoisfurry: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

elmoisfurry: r u there zav

elmoisfurry: do u know who i am

zav: no

zav: tell me

elmoisfurry: k

elmoisfurry: ill give u tree guesses

zav: OK

zav: first where do u go to school

elmoisfurry: thats confidential if i tld u id have to eat ur cat

zav: hello

elmoisfurry hi

elmoisfurry: u don want me to eat ur cat do u

elmoisfurry: ???????????????????????????

zav: what

elmoisfurry: huh

elmoisfurry: wut u talkin bout foo

zav: who is this really

zav: stop playing games

elmoisfurry: well ill give u hint

zav: i dont like to play games

elmoisfurry: my name rymes with squigglyfishy

zav signed off at 12:33:34 AM.

zav signed on at 12:34:34 AM.

elmoisfurry: whered u go

zav: who is this

elmoisfurry: ok ill tell u

elmoisfurry: my name is joeseph

elmoisfurry: u can call me bob though

zav: OK how did u get my screen name

elmoisfurry: i made it up and put it on my buddy list

elmoisfurry: and u happened to b real

elmoisfurry: yay

zav: huh

zav: well im a guy

zav: and im sorry im not gay

elmoisfurry: really??????? wow

elmoisfurry: UR GAY

elmoisfurry: I DIDNT KNOW THAT


elmoisfurry: SIKO

zav: really im not

elmoisfurry: SIKO SIKO

zav: im not

zav: really

elmoisfurry: SUREEEEEEEE


zav: positive


zav: really im not gay



elmoisfurry: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

elmoisfurry: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zav: haha

zav: funny wasent it


#5908: davepoobond -> zav

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Fookin With zav

Note: This happened at the same time as #5909.

davepoobond: whoop dee whoop!!!!!!!

zav: who is this

davepoobond: who is this?

davepoobond: who is THIS

zav: dont know who is this ??

davepoobond: …….who is what?

davepoobond: i’m Oprah

davepoobond: nice to meet you

davepoobond: is that what you want me to say?

davepoobond: beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

zav: yeah im sure Oprah has this kind of sreen name

davepoobond: yeah, well, i cant help it, i’m a morron

davepoobond: a morron with a book club

davepoobond: so, sue me

davepoobond: seriously

davepoobond: sue me!

davepoobond: take my precious book club away!

zav: go away now bye

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: ok fine

davepoobond: bye

davepoobond: hi

zav: bye

davepoobond: bye

davepoobond: hi

zav: go away

zav: NOW!!!!!!!

davepoobond: pooooop

After #5909 happened:

davepoobond: GAAAAAAAAYyy!

zav: who the hell is this

davepoobond: its me!

davepoobond: your old pal spud

zav: me who

zav: OK

davepoobond: me who who?

zav: bye

davepoobond: who is me who who?

davepoobond: whooooooo


#5896: SlayerSight -> kiII you kwik

kiII you kwik: I was sitting in a chat room and the people were argueing and bitching about religions and shit so as a joke i go “Pagans rule!” and this is what happened….

SlayerSight: are you pagan

kiII you kwik: no

kiII you kwik: atheist though

SlayerSight: o

SlayerSight: cool

kiII you kwik: i used to be

kiII you kwik: a pagan that is

SlayerSight: yeah

kiII you kwik: ever sacrifice any animals?

kiII you kwik: it’s fun.

SlayerSight: um no im wiccan not pagan

kiII you kwik: wiccans don’t sacrifice stuff?

SlayerSight: nope

kiII you kwik: you should try it sometime.

kiII you kwik: take like a chicken, and tie it down…

kiII you kwik: then bam, with a hatchet.

SlayerSight: um no thanks ill take your word for it

kiII you kwik: and it still moves too.

SlayerSight: i know

kiII you kwik: anyway, once we tried a goat.

kiII you kwik: but it was pretty loud, and this kid came back in the woods and found us…

SlayerSight: please stopped

kiII you kwik: huh?

SlayerSight: stop

kiII you kwik: oh, ok….

SlayerSight: its nothing personal

kiII you kwik: so what’s it like being wiccan, i can’t believe you guys don’t sacrifice anything….

SlayerSight: its relaxing

kiII you kwik: you like make witches brew and stuff like that.

kiII you kwik: throw in some bat wing.

kiII you kwik: child’s finger.

SlayerSight: no

SlayerSight: no

kiII you kwik: so where’s the fun?

SlayerSight: its self pleasing

kiII you kwik: what do you mean by that?

SlayerSight: i mean its connecting

kiII you kwik: so what do you do?

SlayerSight: why so curious?

kiII you kwik: if you don’t sacrifice anything or make brew.

kiII you kwik: why not?

SlayerSight: no brew , no sacrificeing

kiII you kwik: then what do you do?

kiII you kwik: sounds pretty boring…

SlayerSight: well paganism sounds pretty barbaric but i dont call you that

kiII you kwik: no, we do things clean and precise.

SlayerSight: lol

kiII you kwik: like, sometimes they don’t tie the chickens down.

SlayerSight: ok ok

kiII you kwik: and they run around and hit trees.

SlayerSight: please my stomach

kiII you kwik: we were the sanitary cult

SlayerSight: how old are you

kiII you kwik: 12, why?

SlayerSight: excuse me

kiII you kwik: huh?

SlayerSight: how old

kiII you kwik: 12 years

SlayerSight: i think im going to be sick

kiII you kwik: why’s that?

SlayerSight: never mind\

kiII you kwik: brb, my little brother made a mess and i gotta help him clean it up.

kiII you kwik: ok, back.

kiII you kwik: man, blood is hard to get out of the carpet.

SlayerSight: ot

kiII you kwik: i showed him how to clean it up though

kiII you kwik: there’s only a little though, parrots don’t bleed much…

SlayerSight: you need help

kiII you kwik: i didn’t do it…

kiII you kwik: my brother, he wants to be a pagan like i used to be…

kiII you kwik: so he does stuff to try and prove his worth or something.

kiII you kwik: and this time he took the parrot and bit it’s head clean off…

SlayerSight: ok enough

kiII you kwik: what?? it’s not my fault he wants to be like i used to..

kiII you kwik: i guess we’ll just have to keep him away from animals.

SlayerSight: just enough

kiII you kwik: what’s enough?

SlayerSight: i dont want to hear it

kiII you kwik: oh, yeah, i forgot you don’t like that stuff, sorry.

kiII you kwik: brb again, gotta help him brush the feathers out of his teeth.

kiII you kwik: ok, back, sorry about that.

kiII you kwik: hello, you there?

SlayerSight: yeah

kiII you kwik: so, what state are you from?

SlayerSight: nh

kiII you kwik: really?

SlayerSight: yeah

kiII you kwik: that’s where we got that goat i was telling you about.

kiII you kwik: from a farm there.

SlayerSight: i swear…

kiII you kwik: oh shit, i gotta go, my brother is chasing the dog with a steak knife.

SlayerSight: ok bye


#5895: gonads and strife -> Sun Frost

gonads and strife: you live in a trailer

Sun Frost: who are u an thanks for talk to me in english

gonads and strife: …

Sun Frost: i’m a 32 yer old male in okalahoma

gonads and strife: you like little boys?

Sun Frost: what time do u get out

gonads and strife: why? so you can rape me?

Sun Frost: yeah y what do u use

gonads and strife: umm….

gonads and strife: i’m straight

Sun Frost: whats the diff

gonads and strife: i dont do guys.

gonads and strife: tell me your name.

gonads and strife: freak.

Sun Frost: ya

gonads and strife: ya?

gonads and strife: what kinda name is that?

Sun Frost: how much

gonads and strife: what the hell?

gonads and strife: tell me your name.

Sun Frost: then after that

gonads and strife: i’ll tell you mine, shithead.

Sun Frost: no I don’t thick so

gonads and strife: cumbucket

gonads and strife: dickchewer

gonads and strife: shit nawer

Sun Frost: ok e-mail me the info

gonads and strife: you’re sick dude

Sun Frost: thanks

gonads and strife: you’re not touching me or my dick.

Sun Frost: can I have it

gonads and strife: you’re sick dude

Sun Frost: i’m a girl

gonads and strife: i thought you were a guy?

Sun Frost: i am. i just pretend to be a girl on-line to get little boys to want to touch me.

gonads and strife: you need help

Sun Frost: names dan

gonads and strife: go away sicko.



#5892: Vhottie -> SAndrea

Vhottie: hey baby

SAndrea: who are you???

Vhottie: your boy

SAndrea: I’d bet money that you can’t even tell me my boy’s name

Vhottie: well iam your boy

SAndrea: Yeah, right. What’s your name then?

Vhottie: mike

SAndrea: Sorry, wrong answer. 🙂

Vhottie: 😀 i know i was joking this is your best friend

SAndrea: Ok, what’s MY name then?

Vhottie: andrea

SAndrea: Last name?

Vhottie: s

SAndrea: No, my last name is not S

Vhottie: well it starts wit a s

Vhottie: and im not gonna say it online

SAndrea: There are a lot of names that start with S. I would think a best friend would know which one.

Vhottie: i told u im not gonna say it online

SAndrea: What difference does it make if you say it online if you know me? It means you don’t really know me.

Vhottie: your a bitch

SAndrea: Thanks. 🙂

Vhottie: yourwelcome

SAndrea: If you don’t like it, quit IMing random people and impersonating people unless you can learn to cover yourself better.

Vhottie: screw u bitch

SAndrea: Oh, you’re just mad because I’m too smart to fall for your antics.

Vhottie: yup

SAndrea: I’m sure you can go into a chat room and find lots of stupid people to believe you in there.

Vhottie: ook illremember that

SAndrea: BTW, my last name doesn’t even start with S. 😛

Vhottie: why didnt u say that before???????????????

SAndrea: Because I wanted to see how long you would try and convince me you were someone I knew.

SAndrea: It gives more evidence to report impersonations with.

Vhottie: g2g bye

SAndrea: See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya

Vhottie: thats soooooooooo old

SAndrea: So am I. 🙂


#5890: JUDIBA -> Censored Name

JUDIBA: hi jeff

Censored Name: sorry its ed

JUDIBA: oh really?

JUDIBA: stop it

JUDIBA: i know it’s you

Censored Name: no realy its ed

JUDIBA: yeah, and i’m kayla

JUDIBA: suuuure

Censored Name: yes my name is ed ok not jeff

JUDIBA: oh boy

JUDIBA: sorry

JUDIBA: are you mad at me now?

Censored Name: thats ok

JUDIBA: good

JUDIBA: so you’re not mad?

Censored Name: no no

JUDIBA: ok good

Censored Name: and why

JUDIBA: do you have a dog?

JUDIBA: why what?

Censored Name: am i mad at you

JUDIBA: you are?

Censored Name: no sorry

JUDIBA: no sorry what?

JUDIBA: no you don’t have a dog?

Censored Name: i am not mad at you ok


JUDIBA: thanks for your help


Censored Name: a/s/l

JUDIBA: 89/f/ny

JUDIBA: my s/n stands for just uterly disturbed is bobby’s answer

JUDIBA: did you know that?

JUDIBA: ok then bye

Censored Name: i am biz ok

JUDIBA: biz?

JUDIBA: is that your name?

JUDIBA: i thought you said your name was ed… you liar

JUDIBA: ohhh busy?

JUDIBA: ok bye

JUDIBA: sorry to bother you


#5889: Headless Jeff -> Censored Name

Headless Jeff: HELLEW!!!!

Censored Name: hey

Censored Name: sup whos this

Headless Jeff: Do I know me?

Headless Jeff: Do you know you?

Censored Name: what is ur name

Headless Jeff: oh my name is Bill, Bill Clinton.

Censored Name: hahaha really

Headless Jeff: and I’m runnin for the president of Bosnia and Herzegovinia and I was wonderin if I can count on your vote.

Censored Name: what is ur name please tell me

Censored Name: ya whatever

Headless Jeff: can I count on you to vote for me?

Censored Name: whatever

Headless Jeff: good cause in that country they legalize affairs and I wanna take my wonderful wife Hilary and my wonderful other wife Monica and my wonderful husband Al

Headless Jeff: so what is up as you young american citizens say?

Censored Name: if ur name is bob ross or rork

Censored Name: tell me

Headless Jeff: how old are you surgar? I’m 207 years of age but I look in my 50’s

Headless Jeff: what do young american civilized teens do these days?

Censored Name: lol i dunno ask ur monica what we do

Headless Jeff: sure just a second MONICA SWEETIE PIE!!!!!!


Censored Name: omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Headless Jeff: omg stands for Ostiches Mooning George right? I just hate that George Bush

Headless Jeff: hello?

Headless Jeff: well I guess I can’t count on your vote then bye

Headless Jeff: but remember…



#5888: Eminouie -> Censored Name

Eminouie: Hello

Censored Name: um, hi

Censored Name: Who is this?

Eminouie: I’m a dude who wants to chat?

Censored Name: ok…

Censored Name: How’d you get my s/n?

Eminouie: A chatroom silly.

Censored Name: the nsync one?

Eminouie: Absolutley. Thaz like the only good one. LoL

Censored Name: yeah, N SYNC rulzz!

Censored Name: Whos your fav?

Eminouie: Ummm

Eminouie: Like JT. Did you see the Bye Bye Bye video.

Eminouie: OMG OMG OMG

Censored Name: Who hasn’t seen the bye bye bye video?

Censored Name: yes, i did

Censored Name: i like lance

Censored Name: :o)

Eminouie: Yeah he was on the Millionier show

Eminouie: I taped it and watched it over and over

Eminouie: OMG OMG OMG

Censored Name: me too! I love how he said all these words in his lil mississippian accent

Eminouie: Yeah I know!!

Eminouie: OMG OMG OMG

Censored Name: You like typing OMG!

Eminouie: I’m gonna have to go but I haf like like like the greatest time talking OOOOKKKK.

Eminouie: OMG OMG OMG

Censored Name: bye


#5887: Eminouie -> Censored Name

Eminouie: Hello

Censored Name: do i know u?

Eminouie: Noper ooo scoo e

Eminouie: Want to chat?

Eminouie: :::awaits answer::::

Eminouie: So do you wanna chat?

Eminouie: Guess Not. Bye Bye!

Censored Name: hello?

Censored Name: sorry i got mail lagged

Eminouie: Would you like to chat?

Censored Name: sure

Censored Name: age/sex

Eminouie: 597/m

Censored Name: sure

Eminouie: My name is Master Shreader.

Eminouie: Sorry wrong IM. I’m a ninja turtle lover.

Censored Name: and how old are u?

Eminouie: I am 597

Eminouie: You caught me. I’m 28 and I livve in my parent’s basement.

Eminouie: My goal is to get a job at the Burger Barn but I was fired for accidently breaking the television sets when I tried to turn it on to the Ninja Turtles.

Censored Name: now im freaked

Eminouie: Sorry. Time for Ninja Turtles.

Eminouie: Bye


#5886: LouBoy -> Censored Name

LouBoy: Hello?

Censored Name: hi

Censored Name: Who are you?

LouBoy: Are you into hokemon or pokemon?

LouBoy: I am a boy who wants to chat.

Censored Name: Pokemon

Censored Name: well not that much anymore

LouBoy: Ahhhh. I think they should have a Pokemon called goater 2000 that eats shrimp.

LouBoy: You can visit my old hokemon wesoote here ITP

LouBoy: So what do you think of my Goat Pokemon?

Censored Name: were is it?

LouBoy: Under Inside the Hokepall 2000

LouBoy: I must go I enjoyed exchanging salutations. I will forever be a Hokemaniac.


#5880: Squall -> jace man

Squall: is nicole hot?

jace man: whos this?

Squall: You ask too many questions

jace man: i asked 1

jace man: so that means u ask to many also

Squall: Ah ha a smart one eh

Squall: Im nicoles nig

jace man: nig?

Squall: Where

jace man: huh?

jace man: u lost me on that one

Squall: So back to the main point is nicole hot

jace man: wtf is a nig

Squall: Where

jace man: u said u were!

Squall: Ima nig?

jace man: u said it not me

jace man: nvm i kno what it is

Squall: So just in some wierd coinicedince i was a nig would you tell

jace man: ur white arnt u

Squall: Yea

Squall: darn your not fun anymore

jace man: lol

jace man: stupid sean

jace man: hehe

Squall: Damnit

jace man: what?

Squall: You gotta tell nicole to stop that stuff shes ruining the fun

jace man: dude my friends a hacker

Squall: Good for your friend

jace man: yeah

jace man: i kno all about u

Squall: Yea…. right

jace man: new jersey

Squall: Your lucky nicole is tellin you stuff

jace man: what ever u say

jace man: y do u want my opinion

Squall: Dude she already told me she told you

Squall: I dunno cause she asked me to ask you

jace man: oh

Squall: So do you find her sexualy attractive?

jace man: haha

jace man: yeah y

Squall: Just checkin if you were gay

jace man: i should beat the fuck outta u

Squall: Yea but you cant so

jace man: how do u kno

jace man: i got connections

Squall: CAuse you dont know where i live and id beat your ass first

jace man: hahah!!!!

jace man: no

Squall: Wait wait wait yes

jace man: i seriosuly dont think so

Squall: and im not gonna argue about who will beat who cause well never no

jace man: u got a pic?

Squall: Nah yo

jace man: yeah thats y nicole says u do

Squall: nicole saw my pic, doesnt mean i have one

jace man: right

Squall: So you bang her yet

jace man: no

Squall: Why not?

jace man: lets c

jace man: she lives in maine

jace man: i live in ct

Squall: Ohhh that sux i guess

Squall: How do you know her

jace man: i meet her at a hotel and barley even talked to her and only saw her once

Squall: a little one night stand?

jace man: no

Squall: She wouldnt let you hit that

Squall: ?

jace man: never asked

jace man: i was babysittin my lil couz’s

Squall: Ohh ida been like you cuz watch how its done

jace man: huh?

Squall: Whatd i say?

jace man: Ohh ida been like you cuz watch how its done

Squall: i meant yo instead of you

jace man: they were 3 and 6

Squall: Get em started early

jace man: sorta hard when they dont got anything to start

jace man: with

Squall: Bring them with you to watch like a field day

Squall: Big pimpin with jace man

jace man: when im 21 and have a car

jace man: then theyll be old enough to start

Squall: Ohh

jace man: yeah

Squall: Im mad that she didnt let you tap that ass she let me

jace man: u wish

Squall: Ask her

jace man: ok

Squall: Told ya

jace man: she said no

Squall: WTF i couldnt have been that bad

jace man: or u lied

Squall: Dude ask her again she musta been palyin

jace man: ok… brb

jace man: she said no again

Squall: Whatever flux her then

Squall: well i gots ta go

jace man: ok

jace man: peace

Squall: Peace


#5877: D-Fiance -> Chels

D-Fiance: Hello, I am from the sales department at KrAzY SyKO, inc. I would like to ask you a few questions about our new product.

Chels: ok..

D-Fiance: Great, lets get started.

D-Fiance: How much would you pay for our brand new invention?

Chels: what is this brand new invention?

D-Fiance: Air

Chels: nothing

D-Fiance: You see, soon the world will have none. We have new geneticly engineered air.

D-Fiance: It is always fresh and can be pumped right into your house.

Chels: sorry thats a little too impossible to believe thank u!

D-Fiance: Well hypothetically, what would you pay?

D-Fiance: This is your life we are talking about.

Chels: for my life, up to thousands the most, ten thousands

D-Fiance: What about a monthly payment?

Chels: i guess a hundred or so a month

D-Fiance: What if I told you we could install it for 29.99 tomarrow?

Chels: ur crazy buh bye!

D-Fiance: No Ma’am, Im KrAzY. But wait! I have another invention to ask you about!

Chels: and what is this one? water?

D-Fiance: …..ok, I have a third invention to ask you about, ready?

Chels: sure..

D-Fiance: Ok, how about a fusion power generator right next to your house?

D-Fiance: It will last the rest of your life, and only a static fee, no Kilowatt per hour deal here.

D-Fiance: Ma’am?

D-Fiance: if you dont answer my questions I will be forced to chain myself to your car and not leave until the police come with the jaws-of-life.

Chels: yeah whatever buh bye

D-Fiance: Ma’am please

D-Fiance: Ma’am, I am sorry for the outburst, but would you please answer just a few more questions?

Chels: no

D-Fiance: May I ask why?

Chels: becuz ur crazy or krazy….whatever i don’t talk to losers like u

D-Fiance: Ma’am this is my job, I have a quota. Can I please just ask you a few more questions?


#5876: D-Fiance -> Swift Rider

D-Fiance: I eat chicken

Swift Rider: tastes good dont it

Swift Rider: and you are?

D-Fiance: uh huh

D-Fiance: I am me and you are you and we like to eat chickens from the zoo

Swift Rider: nah man the chickens from the zoo be all nasty dawg…they dont ahve no seasoning or anything. you need the chicken from KFC, or churches or some shit

Swift Rider: or from leroys down on the street corner


D-Fiance: STALKER!!!

Swift Rider: your the ninja….you tell me

D-Fiance: hmmmm, you at me window?

D-Fiance: AHHHH!!!! oh wait, just a tree

D-Fiance: you dont know where I live, and you dont know chicken from doo doo

Swift Rider: tsk tsk tsk….a tru ninja would have to ask these qustions. they are the masters of thier enviroment and know this type of stuff

D-Fiance: those are magik ninjaz!!

D-Fiance: you stinky foot

Swift Rider: ayyiyo who is this?

Swift Rider: do i even know you

D-Fiance: YOU TELL ME!!! you wierdo, you IMed me!!

D-Fiance: you better know me


D-Fiance: Hmmmmm you got a point there


D-Fiance: STALKER!!!

Swift Rider: do we we have evidence to support such a statement

D-Fiance: no, but we we have a mutual agreement

Swift Rider: that would require me knowing the the person behind the screenname. and seeing how i dont know this person we have no mutal agreement as to the fact that i know where you live, thus i am not a stalker

D-Fiance: a stalker is a stalker does, PLLLLL

D-Fiance: I had a second half uncle that was a stalker

D-Fiance: you know a Louie… Louie winnabego?

Swift Rider: nope

D-Fiance: would you bet your life on it?

Swift Rider: hmmmm…..well not to someone who i dont know hell no. and not even to someone i do know.


Swift Rider: you do to piss people off

Swift Rider: i see it worked

D-Fiance: hmmm

D-Fiance: I can run fast

Swift Rider: do you even know my name?

D-Fiance: Yep

Swift Rider: what is it then/

D-Fiance: mike

Swift Rider: you wanna try again there dawg

D-Fiance: Ted

Swift Rider: uh uh

D-Fiance: really?

D-Fiance: oh I know, Ralph

Swift Rider: you IMed some dude you dont even know?

Swift Rider: talking about you like chicken

D-Fiance: I said Evan, didn you hear me Zack?

D-Fiance: Larry, I meant to say Kevin

D-Fiance: wait, I know your name!!!

D-Fiance: Don!!!

Swift Rider: ::sighs:: who is thie really?

Swift Rider: this*

D-Fiance: You dont remember me Sean?

D-Fiance: Chris, you should know

Swift Rider: sean might remember you, chris migh recall who you are but swift rder dont have a clue you are

D-Fiance: …… Oooh Oooh your name is Swift

Swift Rider: whateva man

D-Fiance: I eat chicken

Swift Rider: me too…..ayyiyo, im just want to be sure..do i truly know you?

D-Fiance: Do you know Jesus?

Swift Rider: yeah hes a pretty cool man

D-Fiance: Then you know me!

Swift Rider: funny, i dont remember jesus having access to the internet

D-Fiance: Exactly!!! and that is why I am here talking to you now!!

Swift Rider: about chicken?

D-Fiance: Whos said chicken?

D-Fiance: I heard chicken!!

D-Fiance: WHERE?!?!?!

Swift Rider: ayyiyo hold on brb

D-Fiance: Hello?

D-Fiance: HELLO?


D-Fiance: fine bye… I guess you dont love me anymore

D-Fiance: it could have been fun

D-Fiance: we could have had good times

D-Fiance: long nights

D-Fiance: great days

D-Fiance: but I guess thats just a dream now…..

D-Fiance: bye my only wonder