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This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series The Quote-Off

This string of quotes are related to each other because davepoobond and elmoisfurry went into a “quote-off” against each other, writing down all the things they said/did for a class period during Health class with Mrs. Stickums.  It was a really shitty class and there wasn’t much else to do.

“what? quote-off?



“ah…bastard. not again”

“…can erase”

“I never said that, stupid!”

“yeah, I know which one it is, dumbass”


::coughs and puts his head down::

::smells his arm::

“a little dabby doo”

“let me dab a lil’ on you”

“comon ::snap snap snap::”

“comon, let’s finish this crap”

“stop writing everything I say”

“friggin paperatzi”

“its paperatzi, right there stupid”

“what was that? rooof?”

“rooof? I didn’t say that”

::shakes his head::


“I’m not gonna move at all”

::holds his hand to his mouth::

“what’s so funny?”




“what? laugh?”

“oh my god”



“a little dab will do ya”

“examine the eye”



“I said rrr…rr…rr”

“it was quiet, and all of a sudden”

::leans back and imitates davepoobond, yawning and laughing all of a sudden::

“that’s really yawn, ho”

“I’m quote-writer today”


After this elmoisfurry started doing the same thing to davepoobond.