#5887: Eminouie -> Censored Name

Eminouie: Hello

Censored Name: do i know u?

Eminouie: Noper ooo scoo e

Eminouie: Want to chat?

Eminouie: :::awaits answer::::

Eminouie: So do you wanna chat?

Eminouie: Guess Not. Bye Bye!

Censored Name: hello?

Censored Name: sorry i got mail lagged

Eminouie: Would you like to chat?

Censored Name: sure

Censored Name: age/sex

Eminouie: 597/m

Censored Name: sure

Eminouie: My name is Master Shreader.

Eminouie: Sorry wrong IM. I’m a ninja turtle lover.

Censored Name: and how old are u?

Eminouie: I am 597

Eminouie: You caught me. I’m 28 and I livve in my parent’s basement.

Eminouie: My goal is to get a job at the Burger Barn but I was fired for accidently breaking the television sets when I tried to turn it on to the Ninja Turtles.

Censored Name: now im freaked

Eminouie: Sorry. Time for Ninja Turtles.

Eminouie: Bye

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