#5886: LouBoy -> Censored Name

LouBoy: Hello?

Censored Name: hi

Censored Name: Who are you?

LouBoy: Are you into hokemon or pokemon?

LouBoy: I am a boy who wants to chat.

Censored Name: Pokemon

Censored Name: well not that much anymore

LouBoy: Ahhhh. I think they should have a Pokemon called goater 2000 that eats shrimp.

LouBoy: You can visit my old hokemon wesoote here ITP

LouBoy: So what do you think of my Goat Pokemon?

Censored Name: were is it?

LouBoy: Under Inside the Hokepall 2000

LouBoy: I must go I enjoyed exchanging salutations. I will forever be a Hokemaniac.

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