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blowthetoad NYARGH! 20/Jul/2002:21:26:20
NYARGH! Dave, why havent you been online????? did your mother take away
your mouse ball again? LMMFAO. you can’t play bass, i could play a one
stringed acoustic with my toes in the dark, better then you can play
the bass. NYARGH! why dont you have AIM anymore? stupid. use a
testical and make the groove a perfect circle in order to use it as a
mouse ball. or use your grandpa’s marbles… so he can loose his
marbles! NYARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jared www.subway.com 16/Jul/2002:15:17:16
Hi, I’m Jared, the guy who lost all the fat on the Subway Diet. Just to
let you know, when I eat a subway sandwich, I dream it’s a huge dick
going into my mouth. It really turns me on. Thats why I masterbate
after every commercial, how’d you think I lost so much weight? I did a
lot of excersise with my right hand and it took about a month to put
off 200 pounds. Of course I had a lot of hand cramps, but it was all
worth it. Thats the truth behind the Subway diet.

Subway – Eat Shit!
Holmes Rules!


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Lactose the Intoller I’d rather not…must I? 10/Jul/2002:17:09:28
I am of enjoying your site, jah. And the things I see yes are funny.
Very funny. Good job miene dicky ol chum. I am a retired RRRRRindow
cleaner Unst vas head of Gestapo for 9 years! Nien, 5 years! Nien! Vas
not head of Gestapo! I make Ine joke. Heh, heh, heh

*shifty eyed dog look*

AIM SN: MonkeySleepy


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Holmes www.HowCanYouFallForThatDumbass?.orgy 28/Jun/2002:19:40:27
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limp great dumb idiot yoga quiet wierd eat red timberland snort lick
opps lava dip asshole Holmes is your bitch master, obey him balls
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The Meaning of life are in those few but smart words. Use it


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MorzyMagic dung beetle 27/Jun/2002:11:42:58
I once let davepoobond play bass with my band, but he didn’t know how
so i told him to shut up you dumb idion learn how to play!!! i think he
just sits at home and works on this website all day. one time his mom
took away his mouse ball because he used the computer to much and he
was angry. this website has come a really long way since he first
started it, yeah… it used to be really dumb, one time i saw it
accidentally eat it’s own poo!

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Firestormkirby Firestormkirby page 06/Jun/2002:14:38:30
DUDE is that cloustadio from newgrounds if so tell him he is making a
big mistake and should produce more FF4 survivor. i can’t give up. that
was the best thing on newgrounds……I…I…Gotta see the rest. I
will continue my search now:(