Lovely Text Message #22560: ZeeHu -> davepoobond

It should be noted there was a long period of no communication between myself and ZeeHu before this text message appeared:

ZeeHu: Hey! How r u!?! Question…u know how to hack an acct? =D lol

davepoobond: ummm no I don’t.  Kind of a weird question =p. I’m doing ok otherwise how about you

ZeeHu: Lol ur the internet person I know so I thought I would ask lol thanks 🙂 I’m good too…and no I wasn’t trying to hack urs 😉

davepoobond: Haha ok then


Lovely Text Message #22444: Dee -> davepoobond

I got a text message from some random number. So, as I usually like to have fun with these kinds of things, the following ensues:

Dee: Marcel? It’s dee

davepoobond: Hey baby what’s up how you doin

Dee: Hi lol I’ve been pretty good actually. Wbu?

davepoobond: O u kno jus chillin

davepoobond: N e plns 4 tonite

2 hours later

davepoobond: Yo you there?

5 hours later, at 1:57 AM she texts me again. (I was sleeping. Who the fuck texts back at 2 AM in the morning?)

Dee: My bad, my phone died. I was helping my cousin move

I wait until about 5:30 the next day and send her…

davepoobond: Hey what up dee what you up to

Dee: Whos this

davepoobond: What are you talkin bout

Dee: Who’s this*

davepoobond: Who is what

davepoobond: This is marcel

Dee: Which one? Lol what’s your last name

davepoobond: Why u askin how many marcels u kno?

davepoobond: Wait who is this

Dee: I know a few, and it’s dee. So which is it?

davepoobond: Jones

davepoobond: Which dee is this

davepoobond: U there?

Dammit! My like-a-black-guy texting didn’t convince her or something happened that tipped her off that she was texting the wrong person.