Lovely Text Message #22444: Dee -> davepoobond

I got a text message from some random number. So, as I usually like to have fun with these kinds of things, the following ensues:

Dee: Marcel? It’s dee

davepoobond: Hey baby what’s up how you doin

Dee: Hi lol I’ve been pretty good actually. Wbu?

davepoobond: O u kno jus chillin

davepoobond: N e plns 4 tonite

2 hours later

davepoobond: Yo you there?

5 hours later, at 1:57 AM she texts me again. (I was sleeping. Who the fuck texts back at 2 AM in the morning?)

Dee: My bad, my phone died. I was helping my cousin move

I wait until about 5:30 the next day and send her…

davepoobond: Hey what up dee what you up to

Dee: Whos this

davepoobond: What are you talkin bout

Dee: Who’s this*

davepoobond: Who is what

davepoobond: This is marcel

Dee: Which one? Lol what’s your last name

davepoobond: Why u askin how many marcels u kno?

davepoobond: Wait who is this

Dee: I know a few, and it’s dee. So which is it?

davepoobond: Jones

davepoobond: Which dee is this

davepoobond: U there?

Dammit! My like-a-black-guy texting didn’t convince her or something happened that tipped her off that she was texting the wrong person.


The “lol” Theory

lol. LOL. lmao. lollllllllll. lllllooooollllll. llllllol. looooooool. rofl. roflmao. we’ve heard it all before, but do people ACTUALLY laugh when they say “lol” anymore? lol seems to be a misused internet slang. Sometimes people say “lol” when they dont even mean it or they dont even laugh and they just do that so they make people think that something was funny or for some weird reason like that. Most people do it because they don’t know what else to say. But what drives us to having to use “lol” and its many many other forms created because possibly “lol” is just too plain now. ROFLMAOWWMA (Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off while wiping my ass). face it lol and all of its derivitives are just dumb, now. There should be something new that we say instead of lol and junk. Maybe it should just be “imadumbass” for right now. Whaddya say?