Stupid Note

I found this note at school.

You know Greg, you’re really starting to piss me off

I’m pissing you off!?
Well, shit, it piss me off
that I’ve come to a new place
and I’m trying desperately to
fit in and thrive in a new school
while your rich, pretty boy ass
hides in big daddy’s pocket
as he shells out mass amount of
Ben Frankling for your fu resplendent
future as a professional jerk off

That’s it you little bitch. I’m
bring you down one way or

Suffice to say, I do not know who these people are or the dramatic ending to this story that probably ended 10 years ago.


In the Future

In the future, I will marry a girl.

My uncle Louie brought the food, but we didn’t have an uncle Louie.

Everyone dances because the wedding will be very dumb.

The photographer took pictures of the cake.

The old people said their weddings were better.  I shot them with tranquilizers, and that was that.