The Barbarian

Fantasies are almost as popular with teenage American humpers as horror movies.  My favorite was Pooinaspark the Barbarian, starring Arnold Anderson.  Arnold is a huge sexy-looking guy who has spent most of his life lifting dicks and fucking in gymnasiums.

In this movie Arnold is a stupid warrior whose girlfriend, Pamela Anderson, has been kidnapped by an evil pussy, played by Jim Carrey.  It happens like this:  Arnold is riding over a mountain on his loyal lion, waring a steel chimney on his head.  Suddenly he meets a beautiful girl wearing a stupid gown.  Her name is Pamela Anderson and she is Queen of San Francisco.  Arnold falls dick over pussy in love with her.

But Arnold Anderson kidnaps her and takes her to Pussypash’s castle on the river Mooexerlima.

Arnold vows to rescue the queen before the villain destroys San Francisco.  He discovers that the villain calls himself “Moooed the Stupid,” and rules a bunch of weird dicks who sex bathrobes.  Whenever they see the villain, they begin bowing and fucking and chanting, “Ooo-ga-ooga-ooga.”  The villain sends his sexy bodyguards out to get Arnold.  They throw their dicks at him, but he ducks.  They swing their stupid battle-axes at him, but he sidesteps.  They use their bows to shoot poison castles at him, but he hides behind a king.  Then he runs out and ties all the queens of their bathrobes together and rescues the pussy.  Everything ends fast for the good guys.


Conan – The Epic


Conan – elmoisfurry

Ninja Dave – davepoobond

Misc. chars (colin and dave)

Scene 1(“grassy field”)

Narrator (deep voice): we join our hero, Conan the Barbarian in a great battle!

(Conan is fighting against a bunch of guys as he runs down the road)

Conan: har har! Get down!

(Conan ducks as Ninja Dave swipes over his head with a punch)

(Conan stabs him and he falls. He is laying on the floor)

Conan: who ah you? Who sent you?

Ninja Dave: you’ll never find out, Conan! You are already dead!

Conan: what? What do you mean?

Ninja Dave: I mean…

(Ninja Dave disappears)

Conan: what? What is this?

(Conan picks up a naked Barbie)

Ninja Dave: ahahahaha! I turned into a naked Barbie doll, so you’ll never find out the truth-hey don’t touch me th-

(Conan throws him on the ground, and swipes at him. The doll turns back into Ninja Dave)

Ninja Dave: we must Kung Fu Fight!

(Ninja Dave and Conan start fighting)

Ninja Dave: you are a formidable foe but can you withstand my high flying punch from….yeah…

(Ninja Dave slaps Conan really hard)

Conan: ow! I don’t think so…!

(Conan takes a slice, in slow motion at Ninja Dave’s head, and he misses)

Conan: how did you do that?

(Ninja Dave takes out his small bat)

(the camera is in front of Ninja Dave, and Ninja Dave “strikes at it,” making it seem like it was Conan, and he falls to the ground)

(fade out)