Joke #5294

A skyscaper is on fire, there are three people on the top of the building, waiting to be rescued; a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead.

There are people standing on the streets holding out a blanket and asking them to jump.

The brunette jumped and they moved the blanket away. She fell to her death.

The crowds were asking the redhead to jump but she said no.

“Don’t worry, we all hate brunettes and love redheads.”

She believed it and jumped, and again, they moved the blanket and she fell to her death.

The blonde quickly shouted, “okay, I will jump but only on one condition. You all must put the blanket on the floor and back off 10 meteres, then I will jump!”


Joke #5249: Fibbing Away

A man is fibbing away about how great things are in his country.

Finally, he starts describing the tall buildings in his country.

“There is a building so tall, it took my friend Alex 72 hours to fall off it!”

“Oh, my God!” says his friend. “Surely he must have died!”


“Of course. He was without food or water for 3 days!”