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Joke #18664

Our daughter Wendy stayed home to housesit while my wife and I went away for our anniversary. As she was eating dinner, the phone rang. It was a telemarketer.

Wendy: “Hello?”

Telemarketer: “Good evening. May I speak to Mr. Gallamore?”

Wendy: “I’m sorry, but he’s out of town celebrating his wedding anniversary.”

Telemarketer: “Oh, I understand. Well, then, may I please speak to Mrs. Gallamore?”

Joke #18600

The other day while driving home, after being delayed at my office, I suddenly saw flashing lights in my rearview mirror.

The police officer pulled me over for speeding. Hoping for a little leniency I explained to him that I was rushing home to be with my wife on our first anniversary.

But rather than letting me off with just a warning, he went ahead and wrote out the ticket, handed it to me, and said, “Congratulations! The first year is paper, right?”

Joke #18574

Every year on their wedding anniversary my boss, Woody, and his wife celebrated by staying at the same resort hotel.

On their 25th anniversary they booked their usual room. But when the hotel’s bell captain escorted them upstairs, they were in for a big surprise. “There must be some mistake,” Woody said. “This looks like the bridal suite.”

“It’s okay,” the bell captain reassured him. “If I put you in the ballroom, that doesn’t mean you have to dance.”