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Sunday 10/06/2002 3:00:02pm
Name: shock the monkey
I like to poke badgers with spoons
addapt to new habitats
flick stuff
I like Squackle!: Yes
Comments: cute site, your like the american us, but biggger. well that figures coz england is the size of dingos thingo. lil mands and aileens hands, bare fands and bormans grans. gugh.

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MorzyMagic dung beetle 27/Jun/2002:11:42:58
I once let davepoobond play bass with my band, but he didn’t know how
so i told him to shut up you dumb idion learn how to play!!! i think he
just sits at home and works on this website all day. one time his mom
took away his mouse ball because he used the computer to much and he
was angry. this website has come a really long way since he first
started it, yeah… it used to be really dumb, one time i saw it
accidentally eat it’s own poo!