The Pump Girls Episode 4

(a title appears in gay red colors that have “fat” letters with squiggly lines in them, that says “The Pump Girls)

(The Pump Girls appear next to each other under the title, and are dancing, then stop and say “PUMP” at the same time, raising their hands)


Announcer: Today’s episode is…

Pumpin’ Back to School Part 1


(Mommy Manager walks in)


Mommy Manager: Girls, summer vacation is over, so that means our touring is over as well. You have to go back to school!


AshAsh: ah, great…


JayJay: yay!


FartFart: whoohoo!


KayKay: yeah! yeah! yeah! yeah!


Homey: can I go to school, too?


Mommy Manager: I…suppose


Homey: yay!


(camera zooms in on AshAsh)

(the camera scene turns black showing in white letters)




Mommy Manager: ok, AshAsh. Have a nice first day at school!


AshAsh: ok..::thinking:: boy it’ll be nice to hang around my REAL friends for a change…


(AshAsh walks toward the school)



Joe: whoa! Crow? Foe? Moe!


Whoa: yehh babyy…back to school man! Yeeeehaw!


Moe: hey look over there!


(Moe points to AshAsh, entering the building)


Foe: that’s one of them Pump Girls ain’t it?


Moe: you bet your pants it is!


Joe: lets rape her!


Moe: nah man…that’s for the last day of school


Joe: oh yeah…


(Joe, Crow, Foe, Whoa and Moe go over to AshAsh, surrounding her so she can’t get away)


AshAsh: uhh…hey, guys…what’s…happening? ::thinking: gawd, I can’t believe I’m talking to the hottest guys in the school


Joe: we were wondering…


(KayKay all of a sudden runs by them, naked)


Moe: Whoa! What the hell? Look at that!


Whoa: Aaaah! Let’s go!


(Joe, Crow, Moe, Whoa and Foe chase after KayKay. She is giggling in a really high pitched voice and runs into a janitor’s closet)

(AshAsh sighs, and goes to her class)


Ms. E: hello, class, welcome to Algebra 1. Today is your first day of school!


(the class boos)


Ms. E: that’s why we’re having the test on Chapter 12, in 3 minutes. You have 3 minutes to figure out all the algebraic equations in the book!


(AshAsh just stares at the teacher)


Ms. E: What are YOU looking at Little Miss Missy. Get to work!!


AshAsh: My name is-


Ms. E: What did I tell you, Little Miss Missy? GO TO WORK OR YOU GO TO THE PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE!!


AshAsh: uhh


(suddenly a huge explosion occurs, and the gym collapses)


Class: whoa!


(the whole class rushes up to the window, looking at the gym)


Moné: wow! The gym blew up!


AshAsh: umm…yeah…


Ms. E: ok, back to class everyone


(a big fart is let loose from the gym)

(sirens are heard as they near the school’s gym)


Ms. E: CLASS! Since the gym blew up and you are all traumatized, I suppose we won’t have the test today. Oh, look at that. School is almost over. Goodbye everyone


(everyone leaves the classroom as the bell rings)

(Moné grabs AshAsh’s ass and winks at her, walking away. Moné is a girl)


AshAsh: ……..


(AshAsh walks out of the school and back to the hospital)

(a parole officer stops AshAsh)


Parole officer: What do you think you are doing? Its 2.37 seconds before school ends, what are you doing? Skipping class? That’s it Little Miss Missy, you’re going to jail!


(the Parole officer grabs AshAsh and shoves her into a police car)


AshAsh: ahhh!


(in prison)


Homey: the hell? Yo boys, AshAsh is here, remember, its her?


Tiny: oh yeah. Lets kill her!


(25 people run at AshAsh, punching her into the ground endlessly and kicking her too)

(Homey just watches)

(fade out, AshAsh goes unconcious)


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