Daves of Our Lives Episode 3

Dave, tradegically strucken by his computer accident, goes to his local porn shop and talks with his all time best friend: Mr. T. Dave: “My computer busted while I was beatin my shit…” Mr. T: “I pity the foo who messed up your computer…i’m gonna beat his head into a telephone so he can finally dial 1-800-collect.” Dave: “…uh…yeah whatever.” Mr. T: “shut up foo!” Mr. T bitchslaps Dave. Dave wrestles Mr. T and Dave beats him up. He then walks back to his house and sits down on his couch and beats his shit. The phone rings and he picks it up. It’s Dave’s best friend, Stumpy. Stumpy: “Hey…I heard about your computer thing…come on over and use mine…” Dave runs over to Stumpy’s house. He enters the house and he walks to Stumpy’s room. Stumpy: “Hey sup…go ahead and set up SUQUAKLE on my computer. I’m just going to have hot sex with your former Girlfriend Fred in the other room.” Dave: “Well i was just gonna look at porn to beat my shit to.” Stumpy: “Dude…don’t you beat your shit enough? It’s gonna fall off the way your goin at it…” Dave: “Yeah alright…i’ll set up SUQUAKLE.” Stumpy goes into another room with Fred and they start having sex n stuff while Dave is making the SUQUAKLE web page. Suddenly Stumpy screams about half way through the love making: “YOUR A MAN!!!!!!!”

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