Bad Submission #8639

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From : “{ -Brandon- }” <>

To :

Subject : squackle submission

Date : Tue, 26 Mar 2002 18:32:16 -0800

hello david john bond, it is i, the great ‘blowthetoad’ my new screen name for AIM is ‘RngMstr1428’ did u get a new screen name other than davepoobond or something? to let you know, i hav e matured, but still have a poopy sence of humor in my head. i have new words pics, and other stuff, and i am not 12 you little skooter!!!!!! (thats one of them) i am 14 now! or i will be in 2 weeks. oh shiiit. :: farts :: email me back or IM me on AIM . i will see you around..good bye

-Sex Muffin- (thats my new ‘squackle-name’)

P.S. i made the subject ‘squackle submission’ so you wouldnt think it was spam)

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