Fan Mail #8595

From : “Wocsid ™” <>

To :

Subject : I would like to give squackle an award

Date : Tue, 01 Aug 2000 01:05:33 GMT

You have one of the most idiotic web sites on the internet. But I’m an idiot so I like it (the background=perfect).

Congratulations! Your site is the latest recipient of the coveted “Bob’s Groovy Napkin Award” for being a groovy web site. You should notice a significant increase in traffic to your site (some of the previous winners have reported increases of up to FOUR(!!!) extra hits/month), so be prepared for the e-mail to start piling up. If for some sick and demented reason you are proud of this achievement, you can slap the award graphic attached to this e-mail (groovy.gif) on your site somewhere (and linking it to would be nice).


One thought on “Fan Mail #8595

  1. This is the email we got when we got our 2nd award. This was when we had Dacky the duck as the background only, not the orange color you see now (in case you wonder)

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