Ms. E The Math Teacher is Boring

Ms E is so boring. She talks on and on about how b over a equals 3 + 5 and b divided by the square root of 1 equals absolutely 3! How boring can a math teacher get you might say? She just set the record.

She’s a bad teacher too, because she can’t notice I’m writing this in her class. She doesn’t explain anything. She does the easiest problems with not even all the different types of ways to do the problem. She gives us problems like: find the sum of the two lowest greatest consecutive odd negative integers.

Its crazy. She makes us do Long Division with letters. Its absolutely nuts. How do they get x cubed + 3x squared minus 4x minus 12 divided by x squared + 5x + 6 to be x-2!?!?!

I doubt I’ll ever need this shit! We never do it again in our lives! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!



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