Our Alien

Our Alien’s name is Tayler. She is 9 years old. Tayler can’t walk on this planet, she can only walk on Uranus, because on Uranus one foot has to be taller than the other to be able to walk around.

This Alien can open her body. Inside her body is some extra things for her. For example, she has a few pens to write down info about Uranus. She has tape just in case her mouth comes off. She only drinks oil. She does not eat food.


She hears on her neck. Her eyes are made of stars that sparkle, and they are different colors (one is turquoise, and the other one is bright yellow.) Her body’s color is also turquoise. On the bottom of her feet, she has shields to protect her feet from getting too cold.


Tayler breaths through pipes. She gets around on Uranus, by walking on her shields that connect to her feet. She has a brown box inside of her that has all the oil she needs to drink to stay in good shape.


Her body is made of this thick kind of wood, and her head is made of cardboard with foil on it. Her feet are also made of cardboard and her shields are made of thin metal, because it doesn’t get that cold. Her shields don’t need to be thick.

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