#7648: Bklynzballer -> davepoobond

This took place on July 12, 2001.

Bklynzballer: hey jason its tracy im at mikes house

davepoobond: oh. hi

davepoobond: how’s it goin?

Bklynzballer: good you?

davepoobond: all right.

Bklynzballer: mike is at the the bathroom

Bklynzballer: dont tell him but he has a small dick

davepoobond: oh. whats he doing

Bklynzballer: jerking

davepoobond: ha

Bklynzballer: lol..

Bklynzballer: but i gave him good sex

davepoobond: thats nice

davepoobond: dont you have your own sn that you go on?

Bklynzballer: yea but i wanted to talk mikes peepz

davepoobond: oh

davepoobond: he still in the bathroom?

Bklynzballer: yup…

Bklynzballer: now i smell crap

davepoobond: dumps dont take that long, unless you havent taken one for 3 months

Bklynzballer: oo

Bklynzballer: i think thats wut happened

davepoobond: impossible

davepoobond: he would have exploded by the time he got to the bathroom today

Bklynzballer: ok hes out

davepoobond: ok

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