#7647: Bklynzballer -> Holmes

This took place on July 12, 2001.

Bklynzballer: did u see me in school>?

Holmes: yes

Bklynzballer: i started a riot

Bklynzballer: mike…i think your hott…

Holmes: o

Bklynzballer: <—tracy

Bklynzballer: u have a tight butt

Bklynzballer: hows my butt?

Holmes: no comment

Bklynzballer: this is tracy not mike

Bklynzballer: im at miikes house

Holmes: oh

Holmes: i see

Bklynzballer: i know what u sed about me

Holmes: i thought you were talking to mike

Bklynzballer: u said i have a ass like a mule

Bklynzballer: even though mike thinks too

Holmes: yea

Bklynzballer: want a blow job>?

Bklynzballer: MIKE DOESNT CARE

Bklynzballer: hes in the bathroom now

Holmes: umm

Holmes: my moms right behind me

Holmes: thanks alot

Bklynzballer: no prob..

Bklynzballer: so u want or not?

Holmes: yeah come over my house

Holmes: NOW

Holmes: NOW

Bklynzballer: i want you to pork me like a dogg

Bklynzballer: woof woof.

Bklynzballer: mikes taking a shit

Holmes: did you pork him

Holmes: up the butt?

Bklynzballer: yup

Bklynzballer: he gott my butt

Bklynzballer: but keep it between me and you

Bklynzballer: he has a small dick

Bklynzballer: 6 inches

Bklynzballer: i hope u have bettr

Holmes: 15 inches

Bklynzballer: k..much better

Bklynzballer: mike was scared to f*** me

Holmes: ha

Holmes: jmikes such a pussy

Holmes: he’s so fucking gay

Bklynzballer: i told him i dont like rubber

Bklynzballer: hes like well i dunt want a baby

Holmes: i heard his dad raped him when he was young

Bklynzballer: yea ,,,its true.

Bklynzballer: i fucked his dad

Holmes: and his dad made him bend over while he spanked him

Bklynzballer: lol…seriously…

Bklynzballer: dont tell his mom..

Bklynzballer: im gunna fuck u like a hot dog

Bklynzballer: ask ure mom if she wants sumz?

Holmes: umm

Holmes: ok

Holmes: i’ll ask her

Bklynzballer: ok

Holmes: she said yes

Bklynzballer: sure my pleasure

Holmes: your a whore

Bklynzballer: exactly

Holmes: can i pay you 20 bucks to screw a shrew

Bklynzballer: sure

Holmes: ok

Holmes: screw one

Holmes: take pictures and send them to me

Holmes: well?

Holmes: any pictures yet?

Holmes: well?

Holmes: COME ON


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