schools out

OnlineHost: *** You are in “schools out”. ***

Holmes: sup

HeLLrAzOr: i just laughed at yours and daniels jokes

Bklynzballer: sure sure..

Bklynzballer: u sed he was a fag

Holmes: O.o i’m tellin daniel

Redfoxkid: i neva heard mike make fun of him it was u felix

Holmes: daniel’s my boy

Holmes: my dawg

Bklynzballer: william u protecting him

Bklynzballer: hahahahaha

HeLLrAzOr: no cuz its true u da lyer

Holmes: daniel will whoop your ass to grass and make you fall on your ass

Bklynzballer: man …me aron and tommy hav sum thing to do hehehehe

HeLLrAzOr: eh…

Bklynzballer: aron and tommy are ova.

Bklynzballer: mr. “HELL RAZOR” nice profile

Redfoxkid: who da hell is Holmes

Holmes: no way i heard aron biatch slapped tommy and tommy cried

Holmes: stfu don’t talk in that tone

HeLLrAzOr: i dont have 1 u lya

Bklynzballer: yes u do

Bklynzballer: it says location….

Bklynzballer: ……

Holmes: i will whoop you

HeLLrAzOr: so………

Bklynzballer: ::cough:: gay::cough::

Bklynzballer: tommy rote that

HeLLrAzOr: cough:: u fag::

Redfoxkid: who is Holmes

Holmes: hey tommy you got a cough

Holmes: SHUT UP

HeLLrAzOr: tommy is at your house?

Bklynzballer: so is aron..

Holmes: really

Bklynzballer: we all came wer goin to wendys now

HeLLrAzOr: good f u

Redfoxkid: bull shit

Bklynzballer: willy…shutup

Holmes: yeah will how many times do i have to tell you

Bklynzballer: how much u wanna bet..

HeLLrAzOr: u r a user

Bklynzballer: i used u mike for wut?

Redfoxkid: u jus wanna make people jealous

Bklynzballer: ure just mad wer not ure friend

Holmes: thats not cool

Bklynzballer: cuz u couldnt take daniels joke

HeLLrAzOr: no u used me 4 ma games and to hav friendz or u get da shit beatin out of u like in your old

Bklynzballer: i dont get it …daniel is the one who made up mikerreese..

HeLLrAzOr: skool

Bklynzballer: yea rite…who told u that..mike mineo??

HeLLrAzOr: no

Redfoxkid: u think ur better dan every one

Bklynzballer: hahahahahaha…

HeLLrAzOr: him and his cuz

Holmes: mikerreese..what a cool name i’m naming my kid that

HeLLrAzOr: u made dat up

Bklynzballer: dont worry…u kno

Holmes: yeah red i do

Bklynzballer: everyone in the older grades got the song that makes fun of you

Redfoxkid: u kno wat

Bklynzballer: so…

Bklynzballer: ahhaha

Holmes: shut up thats wat

Holmes: frickin punk

Holmes: i’m going to hunt you down

Redfoxkid: ha ha ha ha

HeLLrAzOr: holmes r u rory

Holmes: yeah

Holmes: why

HeLLrAzOr: is it true dat all da grades hav a song bout me?

Holmes: sorry can’t say shit like that

Holmes: secret

HeLLrAzOr: dan u do

Holmes: whatever

Holmes: will SHUT UP

Holmes: i’m outta this joint

HeLLrAzOr: i m sick of dis fuckin kid

Holmes: bye

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