Stupid Note #7626

Note: The other color is another person.

OmG! I hate this b/c I realized I can’t be with any one but Jason! like no one will make me happy but him! awww!

Hehe awww. Good

that’s not good! b/c I can’t be w/ him my sister would really kill him! awww! what can I do! she already almost put him in jail what now! my family would kill him

shit I think you may have to wait then b/c that wont work for now =C

yea your right! I hate her I wish she wasn’t my sister! she just hurts me & interfears w/ my life! I really want you to meet him! He’s sooo funny!

I know she interferes its stupid.

that would would be awesome to meet him. J+B= need to chill again

OMG! I know we haven’t chilled in sooooooooo long! Donkmaster likes Kate


now that last part is really weird, as you may or may not know, Donkmaster is a former member of Squackle, before he sold out. It was really random, because all through that, the last thing I expected was to see something like that….anyway….its stupid….

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