A Bus Ride

I was going home from Jack In the Box one day, and since I couldn’t drive then, I had to take the public bus home. When I got on, there was a weird old Spanish lady. When I sat down, we were going along for a while, and the stupid lady kept taking glances at me. It was weird…old Spanish ladies spook me out. You always see them randomly walking around down a street or something, because they don’t have a car or something.

Later on, this weird kid with a cast on his arm, got on, and he sat directly across from me. After about 2 minutes, he asked me “where are you going?” I said, “Home…” Then he says, “Cool…I think I’ll go there, too” That made me raise an eyebrow. I was thinking he meant coming home with me…so when we got to my stop, I got off, the kid got off, and the lady got off. The lady went the opposite direction from me, and the kid was following me, it seemed. I was getting freaked out because he was following me. He followed me for about 4 blocks, then just disappeared. Weird day.

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